Doing my apprenticeship through the British Youth IT College was really fun! I didn't expect it to be as much of a challenge. Though that didn't deter me from getting my certification. My mentor Rashmi was really easy to work with. I really needed a career change and an apprenticeship offered me that. I am now working for the British Youth IT College.

David Winters

Pure dank skills I am learning at this course I have learned a lot as an apprentice with lots more to come over the months, Dr Rashmi is a very good teacher at the British youth IT college. Highly recommend.

ross-apprenticeDuring my week of training I have learned lessons about coding that will help me progress through my work place and advance into a better worker.

ansar Started my apprenticeship in September last year and I've really enjoyed learning  and working with new people. I have a few months left of my apprenticeships and then I'll be getting my qualification in IT.