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If you’ve ever been interested in getting your child into learning more about technology then British Youth IT College supplied Summer Camps in Glasgow might just be the answer. We’re offering 3-day crash courses in robotics, games development and Lego engineering. These courses are in high demand so read on to learn more and don’t miss out.

Some of the benefits…

One of the main advantages of getting your child into one of our summer camps is our commitment to developing fundamental skills. Problem-solving, teamwork and rational thinking are all put to the test while growing their skill set.

Contrary to popular belief, software development and coding are not totally solo affairs. Students will need to work together to tackle complex problems as they arise. This will expose them to working with others, something extremely common in robotics and software development.

robotics are  vital part of our summer camps in glasgow. get in touch to learn more

Students will develop these skills alongside, of course, the techy stuff they’ll be more interested in. Working within a virtual 3D environment, they’ll get to grips with the basics of robotics coding, software development and engineering with Lego. All of the work they will do will cover the main S.T.E.M fields, giving them a valuable headstart on others their own age and older.

Our staff are friendly, welcoming and perhaps most importantly, patient. We understand each child is unique and works at their own pace. Our courses might only be over 3 days, but they’re certainly not a race. We will do our best to ensure your child has had a valuable and worthwhile experience by the end of the course. Hopefully inspiring them to continue and develop the skills they’ve learned here in their future academic and professional careers.


3 Days of Techy Summer Camps in Glasgow is something we at BYITC are extremely proud of. Helping to develop both fundamental and advanced skills is something we take immense pride in. It also helps that for the kids the course content is fun and engaging especially in the summer months between school. So don’t miss out. Course dates are flexible in date and time, with times suited to the working parent.

Schedule for 3-Day Summer Camps in Glasgow

Week 110am-3pm 1st July- 3rd July (Mon – Wed) @£95
Week 310am – 3pm15th July – 17th July (Mon-Wed)@£95
Week 5 10am – 3pm 29th July – 31st (Mon – Wed) @£95
Week 6 10am – 3pm 5th August – 7th August (Mon – Wed) @£95

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