Robotics for kids in Glasgow
Robotics for Kids in Glasgow

Have you ever wanted to programme your own robots to learn coding or just even for fun? Have you ever wondered what it might be like to learn what makes robots work? If so, we are now offering computer coding classes with a focus on robotics. You may not have had the opportunity to programme and play with your robots as a child, but you can give that opportunity to your children by enrolling them for our next robotics for kids’ session.

Robots Are the Future

There is little doubt that robots will be playing an increasingly more important role as the future unfolds. Robots are already being used in manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, and even emergency services. It will not be long before all of us are impacted by robotics in some way. You can prepare your child for that future now.

Our new classes are your child’s opportunity to learn about robotics in Glasgow. Like all of our classes, these robotics classes focus on teaching your children the most important information they need to learn to begin preparing for a career in this exciting industry. And even if your kids just want to have a little fun coding, that’s okay too.

What They Will Learn in Robotics for kids

Students will learn the fundamentals of robotic coding using virtual environment. This is the easiest way to learn coding as it present students with the very problems they will need to solve as they work their way through life.

We like to describe these classes as programming made easy with Robotics for kids. If your student shows any interest in robotics or learning to write computer code, we invite you to consider enrolling them in our robotics for kids’ classes.

The fourth year in a row, Kids Computing summer camps including Robotics for kids based in Glasgow are available five days a week (Mon to Fri 9 am to 5 pm) this year – to accommodate with the working parent’s request.

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Robot Coding and Engineering elements being introduced this year, in addition to our already popular Computer Games Development contents.

2020 Glasgow Summer Games Dev & Robotics for kids Glasgow Boot Camp – Classes

2020 Glasgow Summer Games Dev and Robotics for kids Glasgow Boot Camp – Syllabus

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Robotics for kids Glasgow

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