British Youth International College


Kids Summer Holidays Computing Camp in Glasgow – Week 3

It was the third week of the BYITC Kids Summer Holiday Computing Camp based at our campus in Firhill, Glasgow.

Let’s round up what the students did this week.

A quick reminder that you can get more information about the entire course by clicking HERE.


In week 3 we took the kids through a more advanced version of the principles laid out in week 1. This involved expanding more on things like defining what a game is and how they’re made. There were more detailed explanations and study of layout in the context of designing levels, understanding what an actor is and how they impact on the development of games. The students were also further exposed to the importance of visual and auditory feedback when designing games with scenes and sounds and they’re importance further explained.

Next up we introduced the idea of testing games. This meant a look at what testing actually is, why you do it and the importance of ensuring it happens. They also went over behaviours and events and peer game testing which are two very important things in game development.

In week 1 we introduced the students to multiplayer games and in week 3 we went back to this to again explain in more advanced terms some important terms and techniques. For example, we went over how to add collectables and how to draw scoreboards in a game. As the topic was multiplayer games the kids were also taught how to connect to a network and they even got a course in playing multiplayer games with other kids sitting in the classroom. 
Finally this week we showed everyone how to customise their PC by changing the background of the desktop. They were also shown what a shortcut is and how to change and customise their screensaver.
It was a very fun and exciting day as you can tell. There was a lot for the students to take in but their strong foundation from week 1 served them very well.