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Weekly Computing Classes for 14 to 17 year olds

We are pleased to offer Weekly Computing Classes for 14 to 17 year olds giving them a more in-depth experience of IT and Programming in our IT Engineering Course. These will run in 4 blocks of 12 weeks each. The classes are expected to start on the 4th September beginning with block 1.

Block 1 - Computers and Coding


  • Course Outcome

  • Variety of Languages

  • Being bilingual in computer languages


  • Free-ware, Open-Source

  • Different types of Software

  • Copyright, Patents and intellectual property


  • Introduction to Python

  • Variables, loops and functions

  • How to send messages using python

  • Make python work like a telephone

Block 2 - Web Design and Development

Web Development

  • Learn HTML

  • Learn CSS

  • Learn JS

  • Understand SVG and Canvas elements

Graphic Design

  • Create a custom header Banner

  • Design so it accommodates responsiveness.

  • Save as SVG format

Website building

  • Create your own Website

  • Make website responsive

  • Insert heading Banner as SVG

  • Add content to website

  • Test Responsiveness

Block 3 - Building a Personal Computer


  • Build a computer from scratch

  • Install an operating system

  • Install drivers

  • Set up PC

Block 4 - Networking and Security

Be a Hacker

  • Vulnerabilities in networks

  • The Four Point Process

  • Search engine mistakes

  • How to prey on faults of restriction, access and permissions

Essential Commands

  • CLI Windows

  • Windows Tools

  • DOS Commands

Beneath the Internet

  • IPv4

  • IPv6

  • Classes of IP addresses

  • TCP/IP

  • netiquette


Wifi Signal Catching

  • WiFi

  • LiFi

  • How to gain access

  • VPN

  • Hack into my VPN

Dates and Times

The dates and times of our Weekly Computing Classes for 14 to 17 year olds are shown below. Please contact us of call us on 0141 237 3350 if you are interested in booking a place or if you need extra information about what programs and softwares we will be using.

We also offer a FREE trial class, which lasts for one hour and is designed to let you and your children to get a feel of the work and the environment at our center. Payments are non-refundable.

Course Title


Start Date





Weekly Computing Classes Tuesday 4th September 2018 – Block 1 5:30 to 7:00 pm 12 Weeks £25 one time registration fee.
£120 every 4 weeks or
£360 per 12 week block.
14 to 17
Offers: If payment is made in full per 12 week block then a discounted price of £300 will be available.

Please Register here: Register

Note: Payments are refundable if required for upto one week before the beginning of the Block. Once classes have started payments will not be refundable. Payments will only be taken after satisfaction from the free trial class.

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