British Youth International College


Vacation Programmes

Our Vacation Programmes at the British Youth International college is the perfect way for children to spend their holiday time from school, discovering, learning and developing skills in computing.

Our programme runs through school holidays and is ideal for learning several of our courses in the one go! We provide children with four fantastic, fun-filled courses to choose from and will keep kids happy and amused throughout the holidays.

School programmes

At the British Youth International college, we have specially designed and made our School Programmes that allow us to educate and teach our courses as part of school’s extra-curricular activities.

We use our fully qualified trainers to help educate and teach our computing courses so they may be able to further adapt and introduce these into the standard IT course that is taught at children’s schools.

After School Clubs

Here at the British Youth International college, we offer fun, enjoyable and educational After School Clubs. We provide programmes suitable for children to learn about computers and information technology and join our fun-filled activity clubs.

We provide a happy and friendly environment for children to attend our computing classes after the school day is over. Our trainers are fully qualified in IT software and the computing industry to provide kids with a high standard of learning.

Weekend IT Classes

Perfect for enjoying out-of-school activities, our weekend IT classes at British Youth International college are ideal for young children to explore computers and information technology.

Our weekend classes are designed to let kids learn at their own pace, relax and enjoy learning through a creative and positive environment. Not only that, but coming along to weekend classes also helps children to meet and make new friends and build their confidence.