British Youth International College


Inter-school Cyber Awareness Competition & Survey

British Youth International College is organising an Inter-school Cyber Awareness Competition & Survey to assess Cyber Security awareness level among school students.

It will be an Inter-school Competition among the best 100 schools in the UK.

On the basis of student’s performance in the competition;

  • Top 10 schools with best cyber awareness will be recognised and awarded as “Cyber Champ Schools”
  • Top 3 students with best performance from each school will be recognised and awarded as “Cyber Champ Students”.

The competition & survey will be conducted in 2 phases;

Phase one- Individual School level

BYITC will select 100 schools and our cyber experts will provide a 40 to 60 mins live/recorded masterclass to the students. It will be followed by a half an hour assessment to be conducted within 48 hours of the master class. All participants will be provided with a Masterclass participation certificate and the top 3 winners of the test will be awarded a “Cyber Champ Student” certificate.


Phase two- Inter-school level

Based on the Cyber Awareness test performance of the students from all 100 schools, the top 10 schools will be selected and awarded as “Cyber Champ Schools” for promoting and encouraging cyber awareness among their students.
A recognition certificate will be issued to the Cyber Champ schools along with trophies.

About the masterclass

The masterclass will cover 4 important topics related to cyber safety for children.
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Identity Theft
  • Online Financial Fraud
  • Online Gaming
The children will be explained common Cyber security threats and safety measures for each topic.
Masterclass objective-
  • Make children aware about the importance of cyber security
  • Possible threats and cybercrimes
  • Best practices
  • Device security
  • Password protection

Cyber Awareness Assessment

The children will be expected to participate in an online Cyber Awareness Assessment from school computer lab or from their home. The assessment can be taken through Desktop/ laptop/ Tablet or smart phone. The assessment will have 30 questions and 30 mins time will be provided to submit it.

Why do we need to conduct this Competition and Survey?

This Competition & Survey will help us understand Cyber Security awareness level among school students and in turn will promote cyber awareness and its importance among students, parents and schools.

Our children deserve to be informed about increasing cyber threats and the safety measures. Today, in this digital world, children are very vulnerable on the internet.

The unprecedented times of COVID-19 have forced everyone including the children to use more and more digital platforms. Transition to online education has furthermore exposed children to the perils of cyberthreats. The situation is expected to get murkier as technology is something which is here to stay and we would need to partner with that to be able to cope up with this tremendously increasing digitalized world.

It is our prerogative as a parent, teacher and as an educator to protect our children and youth as they are most vulnerable and can easily fall into a trap. It is important to teach them about simple online scams, like phishing, ransomware and other malware, which are designed for stealing personal data or intellectual property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the core objectives
  • To identify and recognise top schools that are promoting Cyber Safety Awareness and best practices among students
  • To create awareness about the importance of cyber security among students and schools
  • To train students to safeguard themselves from cyber-bullying, online fraud, Identity theft etc
  • To release a report on Cyber security awareness among schools and students

Your esteemed school has received an invitation to participate in this program as a part of our distinctive initiative to identify and recognise schools that are willing to walk the extra mile in order to keep their students ahead of time.

Participation in this assessment may earn your school the distinction of being a “Cyber Champ School” an award by British Youth International College. Apart from this, your students will be trained on Safe Internet Practices and will earn a certificate too.

The students can be appraised on the factors like Internet safety awareness, their knowledge of best practices, protocols while sharing information on the web etc. They will be further educated on the current scenarios and precautionary measures to be undertaken while using the internet.

They will also participate in Cyber Awareness Test and will earn a certificate for it.

This assessment is for a few selected schools and participation is through invite only.

If your school has received an invitation to participate, you are most welcome to be a part of the process.

However, if you believe that your school is among the top schools in your city and it deserves to be a part of this initiative, please feel free to write to us at [email protected]
and our team will get in touch with you.

We want to select the top 100 schools in the UK for this assessment.

The school selection criteria are based on various factors like results, rankings,
quality of teaching and overall feedback.

British Youth International Colleges reserves the right to selection and is not bound
to give selection reasons for any particular school.

There is no participation fee to be charged either to the school or the students.

  • The school will identify students for the online Masterclass. (from P6 up to S4)
  • The minimum number of students must be 100 for the Masterclass.
  • There is no cap on the maximum number of students for Masterclass participation.
  • The Live online Masterclass will be conducted on the physical premises of the school, e.g school auditorium, AV rooms etc
  • The children may carry pens and notebooks to take their notes.
  • Recorded masterclass can we accessed online after login in to competition page.
  • It will be mandatory for all the participating students to take the test which will be conducted within 48 hours of the masterclass. Schools must ensure maximum participation.
  • An online test will be conducted (within 48 hours). It will be an MCQ pattern test based on the previous day’s learning. It will be a half an hour test.
  • The students may take the test from their home or school’s computer lab.
  • The results will be available as soon the students finish their test.
  • Test certificate will be e-mailed to
    students as soon as they finish the test.
  • We will recognise the Top 3 students from each school and award them with
    winning certifications.
  • We will identify the top 10 schools with the best Cyber Awareness among their
    students and recognise them as “Cyber Champ School”.

The certificate will be provided by British Youth International College, UK.