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When your child studies English through our classes in Glasgow or Edinburgh, he or she will be challenged to learn all of the fundamental principles that make for good communication. But note that Super Maths & English doesn’t stop there. We also offer creative writing in concert with the rest of our English training to ensure your child has the best possible chance to succeed. Why do we do this? Because this along with other higher English skills go hand-in-hand. Our goal at Supermaths is that each student achieves a level of fluency commensurate with his or her abilities. For many students, that means transcending basic principles like grammar and vocabulary and moving on to more advanced skills. Creative writing is a big part of that.

The Benefits of Creative Writing

This is a skill that goes beyond simple essays and fact-based statements. Fiction is a good example. In order to create a good work of fiction, a writer has to have a very solid grasp of things like grammar and spelling. But that author also has to be able to use more advanced words and phrases capable of painting a picture in the minds of readers. Learning to write creatively is not necessarily easy. But those who master this skill do glean quite a few benefits from it. Creative writing:
  • expands a person’s vocabulary
  • makes use of advanced verb tenses
  • introduces idioms and colloquialisms
  • improves sentence structure and syntax
  • improves the proper use of punctuation
  • improves organisational writing skills.
It is clear that this and other such higher English skills go hand-in-hand. We hope you will consider adding our instruction to your child’s English education. Students who can effectively engage in creative writing truly has the ability to communicate at an advanced level. That could mean all the difference in a child’s future opportunities.