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World's 1st Games based Abacus Maths Application

Game-Based Abacus Maths Learning- A Pioneering Solution for Your Young Genius

The world’s pioneering Abacus game application brings to you a new way to help your children master mathematics. This game-based learning strategy combines the age-old advantages of Abacus with the revolutionary benefits of digital games. Game-based Abacus Maths Learning is the most innovative solution to help your young genius ace mental mathematics and more! This gamified solution allows children to engage effectively with the learning process, sharpening their cognitive abilities and picking up new skills.

How Game-based Abacus Maths application works?

Game-Based Learning with Abacus- A Novel Way to Teach Abacus Maths

BYITC experts have taken the traditional Abacus tool to the digital realm. We have designed exciting and innovative challenges on game-based learning platforms .to stimulate effective learning. The unique Abacus game application encourages children to solve sums and make quick decisions. The competitive element of the game leads children to think on their feet and execute strategic solutions. On the other hand, the interactive nature of the game ensures collaborative learning!

How Does Gamification in Abacus Improve the Quality of Learning?

Game-based Abacus maths learning is an inventive solution to the usual challenges of teaching mathematics. Many young children struggle to learn mathematics with traditional approaches as they find the subject boring and difficult to grasp. The Abacus tool helps children have fun with maths by playing around with beads and mastering the visualisation technique. Adding digital game features augments these advantages. The game-based learning strategy enables children to learn independently by trying out strategic solutions in the digital game.


Why Choose Game-Based Abacus Maths Learning?

Researchers have proven the brain-boosting effects of practising the Abacus Game. The pioneers of this gamified Abacus application have given birth to a transformative teaching methodology to help the kids. The game-based learning platforms allow teachers to teach both regular and decimal arithmetic: enhancing children’s academic potential from an early age!
Game-based learning with Abacus enhances critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. At the same time, it benefits the children’s focus, memory, concentration, and more!

Acing The Abacus Game- Engage Your Children with a Ground-breaking Pedagogy

BYITC’s revolutionary game-based learning application engages children to learn mathematics while enjoying the process. The instructor-led teaching process ensures that your children learn the Abacus tool and calculation techniques with the help of teachers. After that, the Abacus game poses challenging questions to the kids who have to answer them within a set timeframe. The competitive and fast-moving features of gamified learning simulate the real-life learning environment. Children become more alert and attentive, thinking quickly to choose the correct solutions!

The BYITC Advantage- Getting Started with Our Best-In-Class Abacus Programmes

The British Youth International College has created an innovative Abacus application. Its longstanding expertise in education makes it an excellent choice for budding geniuses! It has used game-based learning platforms to design games that stimulate the brain power of your children. BYITC’s instructors are trained to extract your child’s full potential, guiding them to master the Abacus and excel in the game. You can sign up to attend a free trial today to understand the learning process!