British Youth International College


Creative Writing Course for Children

The British Youth International College is committed to helping children acquire valuable skills for lifelong success. We are delighted to offer our creative writing course, where children can master new ways to push the boundaries of their imaginative worlds. This comprehensive course spans 48 weeks, helping children ideate, create, and articulate new ideas through the written medium.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed to train children in the age group of 9 to 16 years. Our team of creative writing teachers provide tailored guidance to each child, getting their creative juices flowing for better writing outcomes. They understand the cognitive development of children in this age bracket and develop learning modules that address the nuances of their creative capacity.

What Is the Course Structure?

This course is structured in the form of 4 learning blocks. Each block constitutes twelve sessions held over twelve weeks. Thus, every block requires three months for completion. The total course duration is 48 weeks, giving the children ample time to learn and consolidate creative inputs. Each block focuses on 5-7 topics to help children master creative writing techniques in gradual stages.

Block one

  • Introduction and different Genres
  • Tips, techniques
  • Elements
  • Personal Essay writing
  • Short Story writing
  • Literary Devices
  • Vocabulary Building

Block two

  • Diary /Memoir writing
  • Travel and place Writing
  • Picture Writing
  • Advertisement Writing
  • Fact Writing

Block three

  • Script Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Creative imagination
  • Writing Interview articles
  • Character Development

Block four

  • Speech Writing
  • Book Review
  • Profile Writing
  • Non-Fiction Writing
  • Preparing for publication

What Will Your Child Learn?

Our expert teachers have designed the course structure to help your children learn all the exciting nuances of creative writing. Each block focuses on unique learning outcomes to empower the children to write more expressively.

Block One

The first block focuses on familiarising children with the impressive and imaginative world of creative writing. They learn about different genres, writing styles, and literary devices to elevate their creative pieces. Teachers encourage children to explore and express their original ideas in lucid language. The students can master personal essays and short stories during this stage.

Block Two

This block helps the children explore their creative potential further by experimenting with new forms and styles. They learn how to write in different formats like daily diaries, travel journals, advertising copies, and fact-based pieces. These lessons allow the children to master multiple writing styles while building upon their capacity for creative ideation.

Block Three

This block encourages children to explore refined writing formats like scripts for cinema, television shows, and other media productions. They learn how to build and develop a character arc to breathe life into their creative pieces. They also master interview writing skills which may help them in many professional careers.

Block Four

This block focuses on professional writing formats like speech writing, book review, profile writing, and non-fiction pieces. The children learn how to choose appropriate writing styles for different contexts and cohesively articulate their thoughts. This block also teaches them how to publish their works through suitable channels.