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Games Based Coding for kids

BYITC has launched new Online scratch Programming Classes designed to embrace the new age of education and technology in children’s lives. The online learning course is for kids aged 7 to 10. It will enable children to program and develop their own stories, animations, and games.  Scratch is a widely adopted game-based coding platform designed specifically for kids. Learning how to code will take children to a familiar yet strange world.

Classes Schedule:-

ONLINE – Summer (July to September) Courses ((ONLINE Instructor Led –  3 months)/ Summer Special Discounted)


Benefits of Learning to Code

Some of the proven benefits to Learn Games Based Coding Online include:

  • Learn that problem-solving is part of the process
  • Learn how to solve problems
  • Develops resilience against challenges
  • Learn how to think differently
  • Expands creativity
  • Learn how to have fun with math

Our Games Based Coding for kids help the student learn how to think creatively, work in collaboration, and reason in a systematic manner. These are essential life skills you expect your child to develop to live, thrive, and succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

What You’ll Learn?


Scratch Programming Syllabus:

Learn to code using Scratch

  • Introduction to Coding with Code Blocks
  • Fun Games

Interactive Art Projects

Variables and Data Types



Scratch Interface Navigation



The Relation Between Learning to Code & Succeeding in Life

BYITC’s Online scratch Programming Classes prepare a child for life in ways that are not possible with traditional education. Life is full of challenges and coding helps children learn this fact from an early age. Our classes not only help them accept this fact but also realise the importance of taking on those challenges and finding solutions.

Your 7- to 10-year old child may be a budding artist, aspiring animation creator, or an avid computer game designer, our Games Based Coding for kids provide the perfect place for them to get started. Some of the advantages of completing our classes include:

  • Become fluent with technologies by becoming a creator
  • Improved creativity
  • Getting an opportunity to implement new ideas
  • Developing skills for project management and collaboration
  • Learning how to combine fun with benefit

When your child will Learn Games Based Coding Online, they will be able to code with ease. BYITC’s online classes make it easier and fun for children to learn how to code. It is a pathway to helping your child transform their ideas into reality. And you will be able to witness the improvements both in the present and in the future.

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