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Summer courses

Summer courses are great for kids as they keep them mentally active, help them explore new interests, enhance confidence, and are a good way of acquiring new friends. More importantly, they can enjoy a blend of fun and learning, which will make the break from the normal school routine both useful and enjoyable. Summer classes develop social skills.

Benefits of summer courses:

1. Beat the brain drain:

Summer vacation can quickly become the not-so-wonderful “summer slide,” where kids lose a little of what they’ve learned during the school year. Summer classes keep those wheels churning, so your kid stays sharp and ready for upcoming academic challenges.

2. Cultivates new interests:

This is also a perfect time for children to pick up new interests. At BYITC, there are summer courses for almost every interest, from coding to creative writing to spoken English and 11+ entrance exams.The best thing about the course is that it is online and for a short time. These summer classes could create a spark for a lifelong hobby or even a way into a career. It is always awesome to try something new. It may lead to many surprises when hidden talents emerge.

3. Develops social skills:

Summer classes involve loads of activities, fun, and learning. Social interactions help students learn very useful skills like teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. They learn to make new friends and understand how to work together.

4. Summer classes helps in Building Confidence:

Learning something interesting in a child-friendly environment can help largely build confidence. The summer classes help children face new challenges and achieve small successes on an altogether different platform.

5. Keeps children productively occupied:

Let’s face it, summer just tends to breed a little bit of boredom sometimes. Summer Classes offer kids a productive and structured way to pass their time. Kids stay mentally stimulated, physically active, and make the most of their summer break in a fun and educational way.

Summer classes are more than an exercise in filling up time; they are a doorway into new skills, new friendships, and new confidence, which could quite easily last a lifetime. Why not make this year one of growth and discovery for your kids? BYITC offers multiple courses to choose from, like creative writing, spoken English, coding, etc. We carefully curate the courses to keep the child engaged and engrossed. BYITC is aware of the fact that summer classes should look appealing to children and not be mundane. It should be more of a pleasurable activity than a hard-core study.
BYITC is ready for summer courses to hit the floor. Are you?

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