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English Excellence Awaits: Join BYITC for Unmatched Language Learning!

Embark on a linguistic adventure like no other with British Youth International College! Get ready to unlock your language potential and experience excellence in English learning. Join us at BYITC, where unparalleled language education awaits. Let’s journey together towards fluency, confidence, and success!

Read Fluently

Comprehend stories, Paragraphs and understand instructions while answering tests

Speak Confidently

Master the art and science of Public Speaking

Write Creatively

Learn the tips and techniques of creatively expressing thoughts and ideas

Listen Attentively

Hone your listening skills to foster effective communication, and support academic and social development.

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  • Age – 3 to 6
  • Course Duration – 3 months
  • Course Structure- 2 classes a week
Learning Outcomes:
  • Phonemic Awareness : Ability to recognise individual sounds in spoken words, which is
  • Letter-Sound Correspondence: Learn the relationship between letters
  • Decoding Skills: Ability to read unfamiliar words by applying phonics rules and blending sounds together.
  • Fluency in Reading: Improved reading fluency and efficient word recognition.
  • Spelling Skills: Ability to spell words correctly by applying phonics
  • Comprehension Skills: Overall reading comprehension skills, including understanding main ideas, making inferences, and drawing conclusions.
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    • Age – 4 to 14
    • Course Duration – 2 Years
    • Course Structure-

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhanced Speaking and comprehension Skills
  • Master the fundamentals and master grammar Concepts
  • Ability to express oneself creatively and enhance writing skills
  • Master Public speaking and oratory skills
  • Overall Language development and Confidence Building
    • Age – 8 to 16
    • Course Duration – 40 Weeks

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhanced Creative Expression: Ability to express creatively through written language, developing original ideas
  • Refined Writing Skills: Develop and refine fundamental writing skills, including grammar, syntax, punctuation, and vocabulary usage
  • Understanding of Narrative Elements: Deeper understanding of narrative structure, including plot development, characterization, setting, dialogue etc.
  • Exploration of Different Genres and Styles: Explore various genres of creative writing (e.g., fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction) and experiment with different styles and forms of writing,
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