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Heya folks! We are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as we have rolled out online English classes for students worldwide. English is a primary language in the United Kingdom. Moreover, it is the language, which is used for global businesses, trade, politics, healthcare, science, and the list is long to include all the sectors worldwide.

Supermaths and English Academy will now conduct English classes that will eventually thrill kids and teens to bits. The main objective of this program is to help students master this language by enhancing their skills.

Our amazing English course will enable students to emphasize on different categories:

  • Enhancing the vocabulary
  • Improvising the usage of punctuation in sentences
  • Advancement in the knowledge of grammar
  • Make strides in reading engrossing comprehensions -Make a headway in the spelling practice

Details of the English Syllabus

Click here for the Enhanced English Syllabus – Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

The course we provide will be to aid your children in doing the best they can when at school, the syllabus will include:

Ages 5-16 [There are 11 levels which covers the following topics at different complexity levels]

  • Reading skills:

    • Pronunciation

    • Reading at an even pace

    • Comprehension of assigned texts

    • Reading fiction, non-fiction, academic texts, newspapers, journals

    • Interpreting and understanding passages and pictures

    • Vocabulary building

  • Writing skills:

    • Correct usage of vocabulary in a sentence

    • Proper grammatical constructions

    • Spellings and their rules- 24 new words each week

    • Appropriate usage of punctuation- commas, semi-colon, hyphen, apostrophe, etc.

    • Letters- Formal vs Informal

    • Essays- Academic vs Imaginative

    • Cursive writing (if required)

    • Using a thesaurus/ dictionary

  • Speaking skills:

    • Pronunciation

    • Use of phonetics to aid in identifying speech sounds (as child progresses start to use less “ah bihkih” and use “abc”).

    • Voice modulation and tone

    • Speaking at an even pace

  • Listening skills:

    • Understanding spoken speech

    • Interpreting information over spoken language

    • Understanding tone and intention in spoken language

    • Listening to understand information and responding to questions asked

The level of difficulty for each skill will be assigned according to the age and current linguistic capabilities of each child

  • Grammar:

    • Parts of Speech:

      • Nouns

      • Pronouns

      • Verbs

      • Adjectives

      • Adverbs

      • Prepositions

      • Conjunctions

      • Interjections

    • Determiners

    • Modals and Auxiliaries

    • Phrases, Idioms, and Figures of Speech

    • Clauses and Conditionals

    • Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences

    • Active and Passive voice/ Direct and Reported Speech

    • Tenses:

      • Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present Perfect

      • Past Simple, Past Progressive, Past Perfect

      • Future Simple, Future Progressive, Future Perfect

    • Homophones, Homonyms, Homographs

    • Prefixes and Suffixes

    • Antonyms and Synonyms

    • Rhyming words

    • Compound words

    • Creative writing:

      • Speeches

      • Personal essays

      • Poetry

      • Short fiction- short stories, blog pieces, etc.

      • Wring using picture/ word/ sentence prompts

      • Speculative/ Imaginative essays

      • Academic essays

      • Structuring events for narratives

      • Short plays

Level 1 – Foundation

  • Sentence Development

  • Capitalization

  • Punctuation

  • Further Punctuation

  • Nouns and Verbs

  • Adjectives and Adverbs

  • Compound Words

  • Prefixes and Suffixes

  • Dictionary Surfing

Level 2 – Intermediate

  • Sentence Development

  • Capitalisation

  • Punctuation

  • More Punctuation

  • Fluency of Speech

  • Further Speech Development

  • Word Parts and Counterparts

Level 3 – Higher

  • Writing Basics

  • Using Phrases

  • Confusing Words

  • Ambiguity in English

  • Writing Techniques

  • Referencing Skills

  • Writing Formats

Level 4 – Advanced

  • Capitalisation and Punctuation

  • Nouns and Adjectives

  • Pronouns and Verbs

  • Gerunds, Participles and Infinitives

  • Creating Sentences

  • Critical Thinking

  • Writing Essentials

Fun with the English Learning Portal

Creative Writing Workshop

We recently launched a special Winter Vacation Writing Workshop at Supermaths & English Academy for kids and teens aged 9 to 16.

Our workshop programs were designed to keep children creatively engaged with time for preparation and review.

Here’s what we designed for students in the Workshop based on their Ages

Students Aged 9 to 11

  • Imaginative Essays

  • Picture Story

  • Writing a Short Story of Around 200 Words

Students Aged 12 to 14

  • Imaginative Essays

  • Creative Characters

  • Writing a Short Story of 300 to 500 Words

Students Aged 15 to 16

  • Creative Character and Scenes

  • Writing with Prompts

  • Writing an Adventure Story of 500 Words

Interactive Fun Learning

Know more about our Online English Classes

At Supermaths, the children will get immersed in the knowledge of English subject to the core. The course is divided into different weeks and each week has 10 levels. Every level further includes different days which includes multifarious enthralling categories. This interesting course has different categories which will make students grasp the knowledge of this subject efficiently. Let us check the different categories included in the English online classes.

  • Reading Comprehension:

In this English online course, we have some gripping reading comprehensions your child will get gaga over while reading. Furthermore, there are some questions which the child will answer after reading each comprehension. This section will leave your child spellbound.

  • Spelling Practice:

This section will take the children’s vocabulary to the next level. Kids will get to learn new words in each level of English online classes.

  • Grammar:

This is another advanced category that will help a child to enhance their English skills. The exercises of grammar will keep children to the edge of their seats while solving the questions.

  • Creative writing:

This category will help children to advance their artistry skills by writing something fascinating on the topic mentioned.

  • Word Search:

This category will enable children to revel in finding the words mentioned in the section. The category is included to help kids work quickly.

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