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English Language Tuition in UK and Worldwide

Congratulations kids keep rocking academically! All of these are promoted to the next level of English Language lessons with Supermaths English Language Tuition in UK and Worldwide. Supermaths inspirational success stories of English students.

These kids have been performing flawlessly – week in and week out with their English work, they have been excellent when it comes to learning something new and have been able to take in all the information without any problems, they have got through their work in class with ease and they put in a massive effort in their homework. Here are some success stories of our English students.

Swara Shimpi

She has shown her potential with improving her reading comprehension massively since she joined, she puts a massive effort in her work and her spellings are almost always correct. Swara is more than ready to be in the next level.  

Umar Mahmood

Umar’s writing and spellings have been brilliant the past few months he really has put the hard work in, his creative writing has been very imaginative and he has put thought into each short story he has created and his punctuation is perfect!  

Vihaan Mendiratta

Vihaan has been extremely excellent when reading out stories, he is able to read out without any hesitations and with confidence, he has shown he is ready for the next level by getting almost zero mistakes in his work constantly, and by learning new things in his level with ease. He has been an excellent boy in his creative writing, spellings and vocabulary and grammar.

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