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    Introducing BYITC Online Coding Summer Camp for Kids!

    Is your child looking for some constructive summer fun? Shift their focus towards coding with BYITC’s Coding Summer Camp exclusively designed forages 9-14. Our comprehensive program covers multiple coding disciplines such as application development & game development while taking a more hands-onapproach putting practical programs front and center using popular languages such as Python & Roblox.

    Due to our fully virtualized format, we are happy to offer readily-accessible classes without concern for travel or wasted time spent searching outlocal camps.

    Our wise use of a user-friendly online platform allows children from any location full access to an engaging camp experience backed up byknowledgeable instructors integrating diverse course material range from beginner-oriented levels right through to more advanced learningenvironments catering towards different skill level stages.

    Our Game Development program is the perfect haven for those seeking to delve deeper into gaming conventions and design using industry-standardtools.

    Students can develop unusual game design concepts, use innovative approaches throughout the development process, focusing on programming andunique ways of creating one-of-a-kind gaming experiences.

    Our camp curriculum aims to hone student’s problem-solving strategies while nurturing critical thinking facilities fused with stimulating

    activities promoting maximum creativity sparking curiosity in coding challenges always aiding in the development of high-level programming skills essential forthe next generation!

    Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to ignite your child's passion for coding! Enroll them in the BYITC Online Coding Summer Camp for Kids andwatch them thrive as they explore the fascinating world of programming.

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    Here are the featured classes for the 2023 Glasgow Summer Games Dev Boot Camp. If you want more info about the classes or want to learn more about our Summer camp then please click the links below.

    Each week will guide your child through key principles and important concepts that will help them understand each class and set them on the road to better career prospects.

    • Teaches children as young as 9 the basics of computer programming
    • As children gain more and more confidence they can go on to more ‘unlockable’ advanced tasks
    • Create an educational game designed to be played with parents or an older sibling
    • Teaches skills required by the new National Curriculum

    Has your child ever wondered how video games are made? Ever found them asking how something that happened on their TV was even possible? Our Games Development classes might help answer some of those curiosities with game development and game engines just some of the topics.