British Youth International College



We have designed our School Programmes to  suit extra-curricular school activities.

We are proud of our computing courses devised by our highly qualified trainers. These courses are capable of being modified and adapted, as a standardised IT course, within your school or institution. They are informed by our trainers’ professional knowledge and skills attained working across the IT industry. They offer relevant, engaging, creative and interactive content. They cover : games development, web design, graphic design and mobile apps development.

Our courses, promoting independent thinking, creativity and fun, appeal to children. They also offer a firm foundation in the principles of computing and improve IT confidence.  We believe the computing skills these programmes help develop will equip children for the future, as our continuing reliance on interactive technology increases.

Our Coding for Kids school programmes offer a perfect fit for your school.

Educating children in IT with our courses undoubtedly helps kids with their computing skills, their artistic skills and can also help improve their confidence. We believe that investing in computing is a skill not just for careers but valuable skills for everyday life and interactive with technology around us.

At the British Youth International college, our School Programmes are perfect to integrate with the daily hours of study in school and our trainers are 100% committed and qualified for their teaching.

If you’d like to find out more about our School Programmes for your school institution, please contact us.