British Youth International College


Benefits of English Classes

English is not only the primary language of the UK, it is also the dominant language of global business, trade, politics, science, and healthcare. This suggests that the benefits of being fluent in English are extraordinary. Our English language class for kids in UK equips students to master the English language, thus improving their long-term prospects during adulthood.

Our English course is designed to improve:

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • vocabulary
  • reading skills
  • dictation and speaking skills.

Our professional and fully-trained educators use teamworkgamesrefocusing techniques, and goal-setting to ensure that every child gets the best possible education in English.

Reading and Writing Skills

Both reading and writing are an integral part of English fluency. A child who can speak English but cannot read or write it will be limited as an adult in an English-speaking environment. With that in mind, our course ensures that the degree of reading and writing skills each student possesses increases with each grade level, thus preparing students for secondary school and eventual adulthood.

Building Verbal/Speaking Skills

Here at Supermaths & English, we care about what and how we teach. Our programmes teach via engaging, effective strategies beneficial to building verbal and speaking skills. Students are given the opportunity to practice crucial communication principles through play, engaging videos and songs, creating their own projects, and freely speaking their minds.

Some of the exercises we use to engage students as we build verbal and speaking skills include:

  • think-pair-share
  • turn and talk
  • elbow partner
  • clock buddies
  • shoulder share
  • chunk and chew

Quality Learning in a Quality Environment

If you are looking for an English language class for kids in UK, a class that can increase your child’s English skills and prepare him or her for the future, we invite you to check out Supermaths & English. We offer a student-friendly environment where kids gain valuable knowledge and develop their English language abilities while also having fun, socialising, and improving their teamwork skills.