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Many students take the 11+ Entrance Exam to gain admission to grammar or independent choice schools. This examination is administered during their final year in primary school (Year 6) and its aim is to assess various skills and knowledge that demonstrates if a student can cope with these academically challenging situations. Here’s an entire guide that will help you know what awaits you.

11+ Exam Sections

The 11+ exam has four main parts:

English: This section includes reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. Students may be asked to read paragraphs and answer questions, identify grammatical errors, or explain words.

Maths: Covers subjects taught in primary school, this section includes mathematics, geometry and problem solving. Students should demonstrate their understanding of mathematics, equations, and basic mathematical concepts.

Verbal Reasoning: This section measures the student’s ability to comprehend and reason verbally. This includes exercises such as looking up word order, solving word puzzles, and understanding sequences.

Non Verbal Reasoning: This section tests the ability to understand and analyse visual information. Students work with ideas and concepts, and solve puzzles that require critical thinking.

BYITC’s 11+ Preparation Courses:

BYITC (British Youth International College) offers advanced courses designed specifically for this. Our curriculum is designed to cover all topics of the 11+ exam in detail. Here’s how our program can help the students:
● Comprehensive Curriculum: Our courses cover each topic in detail, ensuring that students have a solid understanding of each topic.
● Wide-ranging learning: We provide extensive learning in each unit, using exercises and problems to reinforce learning and build confidence
● Assessments: We do assessments to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement. This helps students become familiar with testing procedures and timelines.

With the right 11+ preparation and attitude, you can succeed in the 11+ exam and take a big step toward your academic future!

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