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Online JavaScript Programming Classes For Kids With Live Projects


Today, children spend more time surrounded by technology, making their life much different than kids of yesteryear. This means that they need the kind of education that is progressive and is an insight into the current technologies they use and what the future beholds for them. This is where BYITC Online Javascript Programming Classes come into the picture. The educational atmosphere in the near future is going to be much different than what it was. Learning to code can add new dimensions to your child’s learning and mental development.

Classes Schedule:-

ONLINE – Summer (June-July) Basic Javascript Programming (ONLINE Instructor Led – 4 Weeks)


ONLINE – Summer (July-August) Basic Javascript Programming (ONLINE Instructor Led – 4 Weeks)


ONLINE – Summer (August-September) Advanced JavaScript Programming Courses (ONLINE Instructor Led –  4 Weeks)


What you’ll learn?

In the Basic JavaScript Course you’ll:

  • Learn the basics of computer programming
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learning HTML 5
  • Create Interactive Web pages
  • By the end of the course, students will know the basics of a valuable life long skill

whereas, in the Advanced JavaScript Programming, following sections would be covered:

    • In this course, you will learn about JavaScript data types, built-in methods, and variables.
  2. Variables and Data Types
    • Learn about Variable & Data Types used in JavaScript.
    • Learn how to use if, else if, else, switch, and ternary syntax to control the flow of a program in JavaScript.
    • Learn about JavaScript function syntax, passing data to functions, the return keyword, ES6 arrow functions, and concise body syntax.
  5. Object Literals
    • Learn about Object literals, encapsulating data, enclosing it in a tidy package.
  6. SCOPE
    • Learn about global and block level scope in JavaScript.
  7. LOOPS
    • Learn about for loop, while loop, etc.
    • In this course, you will learn about arrays, a data structure in JavaScript used to store lists of data.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Evaluating the concepts of web programming and analyzing their impact on problem solving and program implementation, demonstrating concepts by building web pages generated by JavaScript Programming.

Lesson Titles:

  • Intro to JavaScript
  • Variables and Assignments
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Writing Functions
  • Dynamic Web Page Creation
  • Comparisons and Control Flow
  • Built in Functions & Methods
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • JavaScript Loops
  • JavaScript Forms
  • JavaScript Cookies and AJAX

Why Learn JS Programming Online With Live Projects?

There are so many reasons to Learn JS Programming Online with live projects from BYITC:

  • Learn and develop computational skills from a young age
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Taking through a learning process that instills creativity
  • Learn how to identify problems preemptively, avoid them, and learn perseverance

Coding prepares children for a new digital age by learning what goes behind technologies like smartphones, computers, and social media. 

Who is This Program For?

Being surrounded by technology every day means coding has become an important second language for not just adults, but also for children. Kids tend to be more tech-savvy and tech-conscious than their adult counterparts. Our Online Javascript Programming Classes are specially developed for children aged 9 to 14. Learning to code not just helps improve children’s computation thinking skills, but also their problem-solving skills.  

The benefits of Online Javascript Programming Classes go beyond the present or the near-future. It helps open better and more career opportunities for your child in the future. Our course curriculum has been designed to prepare your child for the present and the future.

The technology landscape is constantly changing and evolving. AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics are already here and could play a bigger role in the future. Our programs can help your child Learn JS Programming Online with live projects and many other technology areas which may be in their infancy period right now. 

BYITC has introduced these ground-breaking online JavaScript programming courses for kids, including live projects and problem-solving classes to help make the most of the current lockdown. It is recommended to take advantage of these classes and make the most of the free time that has been provided by this situation.