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Awaz FM Interview

Awaz FM interview 107.2

We are excited to announce that Dr Rashmi Mantri and some of the Supermaths kids will be interviewed tomorrow morning on Awaz FM’s popular program AAjkal with Manjulika. Rashmi, along with pupils Zahra, Shona, Abu, Divena and Vidhi, will take part in the Awaz FM interview with presenter Manjulika about the benefits of learning abacus and the kids’ experiences of studying the abacus method. Tune in to Awaz FM on 107.2 FM from 11am – 12pm to hear the interview live on air.

Latest Developments

The Awaz FM interview will cover various areas of abacus maths and the Supermaths programme, as well as discussing our upcoming summer boot camp which you can read more about here. Dr Rashmi Mantri will be discussing some of the latest developments in Supermaths.

For example, a new Supermaths app will soon be introduced for web and mobile which will add an extra element of fun for kids, as well as an app which will allow mental theory sums to be presented digitally to kids instead of being read out to them from paper.

Rashmi will also discuss the new abacus maths classes in Edinburgh which are proving very popular and growing quickly.

Students’ Achievements

The students will also discuss their experiences at Supermaths during the Awaz FM interview. For example, 11-year-old Zahra will talk about her progress through the levels of abacus maths and her time spent helping other children at the Supermaths centre to become competent in the use of the methods.

The kids will also talk about how they have applied the methods they have learned to their schoolwork and how they have been able to improve their school performance through the new skills they have acquired. Learning abacus maths has improved their performance not only in maths, but in many subjects at school due to the benefits of abacus such as cognitive enhancement, sharpened problem solving skills and overall brain development.

The children have also had the opportunity to put their abacus maths skills into practice and competition with each other at the Maths Challenge. Mr Charan Gill MBE presented the awards at the most recent Maths Challenge at the beginning of 2018. The students who will participate in the Awaz FM interview took part in this Maths Challenge and are excited to talk about the event and the awards they achieved.

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