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Kids Summer Holidays Computing Camp in Glasgow – Week 6

It was the sixth and sadly final week of the BYITC Kids Summer Holiday Computing Camp based at our campus in Firhill, Glasgow.

Let’s round up what the students did for their final week.

A quick reminder that you can get more information about the entire course by clicking HERE.

Kids Summer Holidays Computing Camp in Glasgow Week 6

3D Animation and 3D Games Development

As they say, all good things must come to an end. This week was the final week of The British Youth International college Kids Summer Holidays Computing Camp in Glasgow. If that last sentence had you out of breath then settle in and let’s go over the main topics for this week: 3D Animation and 3D Games Development

Up first we showed the kids how to use pivot animator which is a very useful piece of software for all prospective animators to know especially when they’re just getting started. To help them get started we showed them how to create players and import sprites and models. Next, they were taught how to move the sprites they just imported/created (their players), how to use frames and onion layers and, once they were comfortable, how to create a cool little 30-second animation. It’s always a nice feeling to see your progress and work rewarded with something you created and the kids enjoyed themselves.

If all of the above wasn’t enough the students were even taught all about interactivity with other players.

Kids Summer Holidays Computing Camp in Glasgow Week 6

The very final thing the students were shown was 3D games development. First, the students were guided to download and install the relevant program in order to create the 3D game. Then they were shown how to create a scene and import characters which is quite important when creating a game.

With everything set up and ready to go they were taught how to add detail to their game in the form of textures, layers and graphics which really help to make a game a game. In order to actually make a game a game they would need to add logic and physics which was the next step. Finally, they were shown the importance debugging which is important if you would like to play the game without running into bugs and crashes.

That is where we ended things and handed out the certificates for everyone who successfully completed the course. The kids all had a great time, learned a whole bunch of new skills, were introduced to new ideas and got to interact with a lot of new people as well.

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