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Kids Summer Holidays Computing Camp – Glasgow – Week 1

Our popular Kids Summer Holidays Computing Camp in Glasgow was back with a bang this week as the 1st of 6 weeks of classes got underway at our campus in Firhill, Glasgow.


The main topics covered this week included the basics of computing, downloading and installing programs onto a computer, understanding software and what it can do and then uninstalling software.

At first, we went over the fundamentals of working with computers, namely the computer itself. The hardware and components that make up the actual computer, the operating system and other things like file structure and the various Windows versions that go from 1.0 to 3.1 to 2000 to XP then Vista back to 7 then 8 and of course 10.

Nothing overly complicated about that. Honest.

We also ran the students through the basics of what a game is. You might think you’ve played enough Angry Birds to know this, but what exactly is a game? How are they made and what do the terms layout, actors, backgrounds, scenes and sounds have to do with anything?

Well, that is what our classes are for and that’s what we got stuck into this week.

Keeping with games we ran through the idea of things like collectables and scoreboards in the context of a multiplayer game. If you thought the idea of a game was more complex than you initially assumed then try and wrap your head around connecting to networks and actually playing with another human being!

Not to worry as once you get into it becomes very understandable and our courses are designed to ease our students into these ideas gently.

Kids Summer Holidays Computing Camp Glasgow Week 1

Up next we spoke about hardware. This was all about what actually makes up a computer from the tower to the monitor, RAM to DIMM, CPU to GPU and other such acronyms. We went over the differences between hardware and software and showed the students how to identify the different I/O (Input / Output) slots that can appear on a PC.

Finally, and not at all least, for this week was the Internet. While most in 2018 will be very familiar with the internet some might not fully understand many of its basic principles.

Go ahead, do you know the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?

Not to fear as our course covers these terms and more with topics including browsers, cookies, search engines, password security, websites, URLs and downloading when using the internet all discussed.

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