British Youth International College


We offer a 14 week course covering 3D Games Development and Animation Introduction. Our students will make their own 3D models to use within a 3D game which they will make.

Using modern toolkits they will create a full 3D environment, and using code they will add enemies, and interactivity to this environment.

Unreal Development Kit/Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Development Kit/Unreal Engine 4

Creating a level



Gameplay Design

Interactivity with models

3D Modelling Introduction

Intro to 3D Modelling

Create a 3D Model

Export a 3D Model

Load 3D Model into environment

Display 3D Model in external Game Engine Environment

Click here to see our main 9 – 13 year old page and here to see the next stage of this process, our 14 – 17 year old classes.