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Do you find yourself searching for “Abacus classes near me? “

Are you looking to provide a lifelong skill to your child that will stay with them for the rest of their lives? Then look no further as you have arrived at the right place. BYITC’s abacus maths classes are the correct alternative. Learn with the world’s first game-based application. Abacus is an ancient tool that has been in use for ages for mathematical calculations.
At BYITC, we’ve infused the traditional benefits of the abacus with a scientific approach, incorporating a technologically sound technique for teaching that aligns with today’s technology-driven era. Our methodology combines the time-tested advantages of the abacus with modern educational techniques, providing a comprehensive and effective learning experience that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation.

Course Structure

Our courses are meticulously developed based on in-depth research in child psychology, employing a scientific approach to address the distinct needs of every child. Acknowledging the individuality of each student, the courses are tailored to accommodate their particular requirements, learning pace, and comprehension level.


  • 1. Junior Track – Junior Track has 11 Levels. (Kids up to 9 years)
  • 2.Senior Track – Senior Track has 8 Levels. (kids above 9 years)
Each of our abacus levels lasts at least 12 weeks. This track bifurcation helps us to accommodate varying learning styles, paces, and levels of proficiency among students. These tracks provide a tailored approach, allowing each learner to progress at a suitable speed and depth, optimizing the effectiveness of Abacus instruction.

Abacus Maths

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Benefits of abacus classes

  • Helps overcome Maths phobia.
  • Better Academic performance
  • Builds concentration
  • Faster, error-free calculations
  • Brain Development
  • Increased confidence

About Us

  • More than 100 centres worldwide
  • Trained 5000 students since 2015
  • 300+ trained teachers
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