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We at British Youth International College UK and wordwide are happy to offer a three day Lego Engineering & Build your Own PC boot camp for kids over the Easter holidays, for those who are looking to learn Lego Engineering along with those who want to learn how to build their own Gaming PC in UK and wordwide.

In our engaging and exciting Lego Engineering classes, your child will receive a unique kit filled with all sorts of goodies so by the time our Boot Camp is over, your child will have gained valuable knowledge and understanding in scientific engineering.

whereas, In Our PC Building Classes, the kids learn how to build their own Gaming PC and Learn hardware engineering skills at early age. In Our classes kids will have fun and learn how to repair and assemble your own PC for under £500.

Some of the benefits…joining BYITC Easter Boot Camp 2020

One of the main advantages of getting your child into one of our summer camps is our commitment to developing fundamental skills, teamwork and rational thinking are all put to the test while growing their skill set.

Our Boot Camp will guide your child through some of the core concepts of Lego Engineering also that will compliment their performance academically and provide them with a solid base for higher education and future job prospects.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Preparing the Case and Adding the Components
Showing the student how to prepare the PC case and even more the steps involved to add each

Cable Management and Cooling
Another overview of the importance of cable management and cooling within the PC system, both for performance, longevity and aesthetics.

Final Component Installation Check
A final check of the built system ensuring all components are securely installed with a quick rundown and finally a quiz to test the students’ knowledge so far.

Booting to Bios and Configure Settings
Overview of the most common settings required to be set in the Bios whilst building a system. Showing how to setup for specific components and prepare for install of the operating system.

Installing the Operating System
Another overview of the different techniques that as a result can be used to install Windows 10 operating system.

Installing Drivers
Teaching the student how to install and furthermore set up the most common and required drivers for the components of the system.

Installing Software
Brief introduction into installation of software, games and gaming library apps such as Steam, Origin and Uplay.

And much more…

Schedule For The Classes

CourseDate & TimePrice
Lego Engineering & Build Your Own PC6 to 8th April 2020
10 AM to 3PM