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Business Opportunity

The face of education is changing fast as everyone begins to realize that traditional forms of studies are not the true effective mode of learning. We atBritish Youth International college have embraced all the key learning methods in our programs to create the future of education. With an emphasis on Abacus, Computer Programming, and advanced English courses, our programs follow a unique approach to the overall mental development of children.  A business opportunity presents a promising avenue for entrepreneurs to leverage market gaps and meet unmet needs, fostering innovation and growth.

Business Opportunity

We have developed a new business opportunity for you to work from home by leveraging the success of our education model.

Perfect Work From Home Opportunity for Housewives

Our new work-from-home program is especially suitable for housewives who have a lot of time at their behest. If you have basic qualifications, a strong desire to excel, and a knack for discipline, this may just be the opportunity you have been looking for.  Unlock your potential and embrace the future with our extraordinary work from home business opportunity. 

Guaranteed income

Our program offers guaranteed income to those who are selected to become part of it. You will be working as part of a successful program that disseminates education in an effective and efficient way. Do you want to get paid for work that you love? If you love to spend your time around children, you may have just found the perfect profession.

Work Only 2 to 4 Hours Weekly

All you will have to do is to work 2 to 4 hours per week and meet the minimum obligations. Thus, you will have all the time to take care of your daily and weekly chores. At the same time, you will get the opportunity to be part of the education sector.

No Product Sale Required

This work-from-home opportunity doesn’t involve any product sales. We, at the British Youth International college, will provide you with a full range of marketing support through all the popular channels. All you will have to do is to dedicate just a few hours per week.  

Thus, we are giving you the opportunity to work from your home, take care of your family and responsibilities, and still make valuable contributions to your community. Feel free to reach us today to learn more about this business opportunity.

More About the Supermaths Academy

We use the Abacus tool and concept at our Supermaths Academy, to help children learn the technique. The importance of brain development is vital to optimizing the growth of the human brain and its function. Through Abacus Maths and Mental Mathematics, the child gets the benefit of brain development, confidence building, mastering arithmetic, and having fun with maths. 

Abacus exercises the brain to its unbelievable potential, using activities that require memory, concentration, analysis, visualization, and control. These activities encourage the brain to remember arithmetic skills.

Kids perform the mental calculations faster than traditional Maths with higher levels of accuracy. Our online learning program is unique. We have supported and dedicated online classes on a 1:1 basis every week with instructor support.

Information about our online classes can be found here, this page also have a brief explanation and videos of how the Supermaths website works: ONLINE ABACUS SUPERMATHS IS ALL SET

Course length: Depending on the age and the ability of the child – we will determine the suitability of the students during the trial class and assign him/her to the Junior track(11 levels) or the senior track (8 levels) that would be best for his/her age. More details about the length of the course will be explained during the trial class. More info about the

Teachers Training – We care a lot about teachers’ standardization training. Teachers at our abacus maths and English classes are trained enough to be able to offer much more in-depth tutoring and feedback to each student. When it comes to the franchising or running into the schools our trained teachers will offer further training to your teachers. We will also give teachers full training on how supermaths app works.

Our work has been recognized by various media channels, Information about our media and press appearances can be found here:

Look at the incredible performances of our kids doing mental mathematics quicker than a calculator at:

We conduct several events including Maths Challenge and summer camps every year to boost the competitive spirit within our kids.

More information at:

ABACUS Maths Challenge – Summer 2017

Information about our Maths syllabus can be found here

Children’s Abacus Maths Classes

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Recently, we have been looking to expand our operations by teaming up with a strong partner in this domain. I strongly believe that this initiative will be profitable for both of us. Thus, I request you to kindly schedule a meeting to discuss more the franchise and other needed facts in greater detail.