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What is in store for you?

Coding Summer Carnival

Unlock Your Coding Potential with Coding Summer Carnival

Our expert-led masterclasses are designed to provide you with valuable insights and knowledge about various coding languages and concepts.
Challenge Your Coding Skills

Challenge Your Coding Skills with Coding Summer Carnival

Put your newfound coding knowledge to the test in our thrilling competition. Participate in quizzes that will not only sharpen your coding skills but also challenge your problem-solving abilities.
Hands-On Fun Projects

Hands-On Fun Projects

Theory is essential, but practice makes perfect! Our coding carnival features hands-on fun projects that allow you to apply your newly acquired coding skills in real-world scenarios.
A Chance to Win Big

A Chance to Win Big

Participation in the Coding Carnival not only expands your coding horizons but also offers the opportunity to win a fantastic Smartwatch! Showcase your coding prowess and creativity throughout the carnival, and you might just be the lucky winner to walk away with this fabulous prize.

Don’t let this fantastic opportunity pass you by. Reserve your spot at the Coding Summer Carnival now and embark on an exhilarating coding journey that promises to be educational, interactive, and most importantly, fun! The carnival takes place on two exciting sessions:

Session Session Type Time Duration
Session 1 Master Class 1.5 Hour
Session 2 Competition (Quiz + Games) 1 Hour

Get ready for an experience like no other – the Coding Summer Carnival awaits! Register now and get ready to embark on an incredible coding adventure with us. See you there!

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