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Dive into the world’s first game-based abacus learning application.

Unleash the power of technology with the world’s first gamified tech curriculum, covering abacus maths, English, coding, and cybersecurity.

All our programmes are research-backed & market-tested. We provide world-class support through proper teacher training and franchise operation to have smooth functioning with excellent outcomes.

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BYITC Abacus maths program is a super way to enhance learning in a fun way. Superb content and great teaching and training support from them have benefitted me immensely. Being a BYITC franchise partner has provided me the freedom, transparency and a steady income source and that too from the comfort zone of my home.
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My teaching hit a roadblock during pandemic. Just when I was looking for a way out, I chanced upon BYITC and joined them as an Abacus teacher. The training made a real difference in my growth and enhanced my personality and it changed my perception towards teaching. Impressed, I decided to associate with BYITC as a franchise partner so that I can help kids around me overcome their fear of maths through Abacus. A huge vote of thanks to BYITC for making a difference in the world of education.
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I always had a passion for teaching. BYITC Franchise programme has provided me with a great business opportunity by equipping me with the correct teaching methodologies and content. I am currently running the BYITC Abacus Maths programme at my school as well. Minimum investment and zero hassle. I wish them good luck!
Xavier Jude
Xavier Jude
Founder/ CEO Anka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. Sri Lanka.
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My collaboration with BYITC has significantly enhanced my approach to delivering educational solutions for children in Sri Lanka. Initially, I focused on providing educational resources, but the partnership with BYITC introduced a higher level of quality to my offerings. As a result, I now observe greater enthusiasm and engagement among my students, which brings me immense satisfaction and happiness.
Pragnya Reddy
Pragnya Reddy
Basingstoke franchise partner
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When my daughter won a national level abacus competition, we had many enquiries from parents about the institute where she was training and the benefits of it. This made us think of opening a face-to-face BYITC abacus training centre in Basingstoke. The journey from 0 to 3 batches in a matter of 3 months was an exhilarating one. Extremely satisfied by the support and guidance provided by the BYITC team!

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Abacus Maths Franchise FAQ’s

British Youth International College (BYITC) software is known for its superb fusion of innovation & user-centric design. It continuously delivers cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet client’s evolving needs. The software is a Game-based learning software that eliminates manual teaching work. The students or teacher need not do manual work, the whole learning process is online. The software provides classwork and ensures the child achieves the class objectives. It also assigns the homework and checks it automatically when the student submits it. The BYITC software also generates weekly student learning reports and shares them with teachers & parents.
The eligibility for British Youth International College (BYITC) Franchise Partner is simple. The candidates need to have a passion for education, commitment to youth development, and entrepreneurial spirit. The eligibility often includes relevant experience in the education sector or related fields. BYITC looks for Franchise Partners as individuals dedicated to maintaining high standards for the institution, promoting a positive learning environment & contributing to the success of the franchise program. However, specific eligibility criteria might vary, so interested candidates are requested to contact them directly by BYITC for more information.
The investment for the BYITC (British Youth International College) Franchise Model varies based on various factors. Usually, It includes an initial franchise fee, setup costs & ongoing royalties. But the exact amount depends on factors like location, size, and market conditions. The model is overall flexible but requires reasonable investment with good ROI. The design of the model is made to accommodate all interested people to fulfill their dream of launching their business on education.
British Youth International College (BYITC) Franchise Model classes can be done online and offline. So, if you choose the offline mode of BYITC classes & offices, it needs to be designed efficiently! The classes & office require an adaptable space based on the number of children registered & staff members. Apart from that, the space needs to be comfortable enough for a productive environment & flexibility in arrangements.
The earnings potential from the British Youth International College(BYITC) Franchise Model varies based on how you want to work – part-time or full-time. Other than that some factors like location, student enrollment & operational costs. Generally, successful BYITC franchisees can generate substantial income by offering quality education and additional services. To get detailed income information, kindly connect with us
Yes! We provide the British Youth International College(BYITC) Franchise Model globally. In fact, we have student enrollment from almost every part of the world. And our community is continuously growing & adding new partners. Thus, we are open to providing franchises for most parts of the world, barring a few. Let us know about your location and we may discuss more.
British Youth International College (BYITC) is committed to empowering franchises with extensive support. Starting from initial onboarding & training, setting up business operations, LMS support, providing application access, student details, & providing support in promotions and creatives to ongoing assistance in training support, the admission process, digital marketing support guidance, and so on, BYITC Franchise receives dedicated mentorship. A Franchise Success Manager is assigned just after the franchise agreement is signed.
The operational timeline for the British Youth International College Franchise depends on certain factors – franchise agreement readiness, specification of location, and compliance procedures. Usually, when all the necessary documentation, agreements, and training are complete, the franchise starts functioning. However, the process of BYITC Franchise is fast & doesn’t require a long wait. For more specifications, contact us.
The British Youth International College Franchise offers a flexible and dynamic duration for aspiring franchises. Tailored in such a way as to accommodate all individuals’ preferences & business goals. Usually, the duration provided is 3 years but it gets renewed later. For more queries, contact us directly.
Yes! Certainly, you can become a British Youth International College Franchise. Check the eligibility criteria on the Franchise Page. For more queries to get resolved, connect with us.
Certainly! Running the British Youth International College Franchise model at school can be a great transformative move. The model offers a comprehensive educational framework, focuses on the global standards & fostering a dynamic learning environment. By integrating this franchise, your school can enhance its academic reputation, and provide a platform for students with an international perspective.