British Youth International College


A unique Superhero themed Online masterclass to stimulate
intense discussion and constructive interaction.

Upgrade your language prowess and know what it takes to speak like a pro !!

The world’s pioneering Abacus game application brings to you a new way to help your children master mathematics. ThisBYITC brings you the Superhero themed English masterclass designed to enhance your language skills and boost your confidence in English communication. Be a part of our engaging group discussion that will be conducted by our experienced English language expert who is passionate about helping individuals in achieving their language goals.

Our English masterclasses are a unique opportunity to take your conversational skills to the next level. If you want to get deeper insights into grammar application, proper sentence constructions, master phrases, word and sentence stresses, and master overall fluency and confidence then look no further. Our English masterclasses are just the right platform for you to take a sneak peek into the unending world of possibilities.

Better Listening Skills

Improve your listening comprehension through exposure to interactive exercises and discussions.

Critical Thinking Skills

Foster critical thinking abilities by analyzing and interpreting information, forming opinions, and expressing reasoned arguments.

Creative Expression

Encourage creativity through storytelling, interactive collaboration, and other imaginative activities that stimulate impactful communication. Confidence Building: Boost self-confidence as you engage in interactive and collaborative language activities with peers.

Effective Communication

Learn strategies for effective communication, including non-verbal cues, active listening, and expressing ideas clearly and coherently.