British Youth International College



Our Games Development course has to be one of our most enjoyable and fun courses for little learners. This course at the British Youth International college provides kids with excellent recreational entertainment and learning.

Our course includes discovering, developing and practicing the designing of video games that are played on a variety of devices. This includes mobile phones, games consoles and computers. We allow children to fully use all of their imagination and creative to develop and build their very own games. This will then lead to children actually using them as real games to play!

We have found that some children, are able to grasp this course so well that they are able to go as far as creating 3D games. We encourage, teach and give children excellent educational practices to allow them to fully understand how games design and development work.

This course, boasts seriously highly interactive projects that are open to children as young as primary school, right up to secondary school. We find that this fantastic and wide-ranging learning experience in this course offers children an excellent opportunity to really enjoy themselves. Not only do children get the chance to build video games but we also help them to learn programming and coding skills so they can fully take control of their programming games.

The games development course at the British Youth International college is incredibly popular and opens up a whole new digital to world to children, we try our best to help teach children to turn from gamers to game developers.