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Here are British Youth International college we are pleased to announce a new Holiday Bootcamp aimed at our teenage learners, aged 13 – 16 years old.This bootcamp will give students tangible skills in three main areas of IT Courses like computing, Hardware, Operating Systems and Security for Children. This new bootcamp covers two and a half days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, with a different subject on each day.

PC Hardware - Day 1

Computer Cases

Computer cases (or chassis) protect the internal components of a PC from the outside environment. Learn about the different types and uses.

Power Supplies

The power supply (power supply unit or PSU) is a rectangular box with several cables that fits in the top back of the case. Learn how to find out what one you need and why!


The motherboard (mobo for short) is the most important part of a computer and is the main circuit board. Everything connects directly or indirectly to it. Learn how components connect.


The Central Processing Unit (Normally called a processor or CPU) is the brain of the PC. Learn the different types and architectures


Every PC or laptop must have Memory. Learn the different types and how much is needed

Hard Drives

Every computer must have a hard drive. We will discuss the various types of hard drives and their features.

CD and DVD

Learn about types of media storage that drives use as well as the drives themselves Ports Just having a computer itself is not enough. You must have some way to attach external devices. Let’s look at the different types and what might connect to them


No computer is complete without sound. From listening to our favourite tunes to playing the latest, most popular video games, sound makes our computer experience fun.

Buying a PC or Laptop

Knowing what to look for when buying a computer can be confusing. Let’s find out how to make it easier.

Building a PC

Learning how to build your own computer from scratch is fun, plus can save you money. Actually it’s quite simple…….when you know how!!!!!

Basic Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting computers can be a little frustrating and a little tricky. With so many parts and software installed, any number of things can go wrong. Let’s look at some simple techniques.

Operating Systems - Day 2


An operating system (OS) is the software component of a computer system that is responsible for the management and coordination of all activities. Let’s look at what types there are and why they are so important.


Linux (also known as GNU/Linux) is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development.


Windows (created by Microsoft) is the most dominant OS on the market today. Let’s take a look at some different versions and their basic functions and an actual installation!!!


OS X is the major operating system that is created by Apple Inc. It is a big hit with young people, let’s see what all the fuss is about!!!


Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You probably know more than you think!!!!

Network Security - Day 3

What is security?

Time to batten the hatches!!!!

Why do we need security?

Identity theft, vulnerable and sensitive data, to mention but a few. Let’s look at the scenarios.

Who is vulnerable?

Nowhere to hide!!!! A HACKER WHO claims to have broken into the AOL account of CIA Director John Brennan says he obtained access by posing as a Verizon worker…………… Let’s look at some case studies.

Common security attacks and countermeasures

Time to recognize the attack!!!!!!!

Firewalls & Intrusion Detection Systems

Lock all doors and windows, the WORMS are coming!!!!!

Denial of Service Attacks

What does it look like!!!!

TCP Attacks

What does it look like!!!!

Packet Sniffing

How do we know????

Social Problems

How much information have you given away already!!!!

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Hardware and Operating Systems October Holidays 17th, 18th and 19th October 2016 13 – 16 £50

Why take part in out of our Holiday Bootcamps?

This Hardware and Operating Systems October Holiday Bootcamp will give you real skills that can be used going forward in your life in a number of areas. Our IT Courses for Children is separate from the standard curriculum and will teach you skills that are usually taught further in education. You will be able to select your own hardware and build this yourself, install an Operating System and understand general network security.

We are also running a weekly class for 13 – 16 year olds, you can keep an eye out for information by checking here, or sign up to our newsletter to receive regular updates on our new and upcoming IT Courses for Children. You can view our other holiday bootcamps here, or can see our IT Courses for Children here.

Contact us here, email [email protected], or call us on 0141 237 3350 if you would like to secure a place.