British Youth International College


Kids School Programs

The British Youth International college now have Kids School Programs available for our Coding Classes. Some of our experts will visit your school to deliver each class. The Kids School Programs are delivered in blocks and by the end the kids will be able to create a game while understanding the process of doing so.

What do the kids learn on the Kids School Programs?

We aim to develop their understanding of how coding works, explaining varaibles, if statement, and simple loops. We teach Game Development through various tools such as Game Maker Studio or Stencyl. By using these tools, they get hands on experience with developing a game and an understanding of what’s required.

What Game Development tools do you use?

Primarily, we use Game Maker Studio as this lets kids make their own art for th games they develop. It is also available to download for free should they wish to continue playing about with the tool. The other tool we teach is Stencyl, another good program for beginning Game Development.

How is this of any use to my child?

This question is common. Why should my child learn to code? I’ll tell you this for free if your child learns to code, and they stick with it throughout school and high school, they could be one of the UK’s top earners, not even a decade after they leave school. Maybe you’re not so money motivated, perhaps happiness. IT is a constantly growing industry and there is a shortage of people with the knowledge companies seek. These classes could help give your child the edge early on, and help them develop their knowledge in development.

We have other Computer Coding Classes available for kids also.

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