British Youth International College



Mobile apps development course is a 4 weeks course and teaches kids how to write a computer programme to create there own mobile apps which then run on mobile devices.

In this programme children will learn to code in various programming languages to build there own mobile apps – they will make at least 5 mobile apps of their own.

In this course at British Youth International college kids will create their own Mobile apps like making their own basic calculator, making their own texting apps, gaming apps and making some fun applications and learn to code in fun way, which keeps them engaged during learning.

They will be able to run the mobile apps on their own mobiles as well.

Our Mobile App Development for kids at the British Youth International college is really helping children to a step into the fast paced, ever-changing digital world.

Mobile apps are found on practically every single mobile device. On different devices and their software such as Apple iPhone, Android smart phones and now, we find mobile applications on tablet and iPad devices as well.

Mobile applications are used for such a wide variety of different features too. From games to social media and even mobile banking applications too. Our course will help children to learn how to actually create their mobile application for devices. The devices included will be development for iPhone, Andriod and iPad as well.

Our course will allow children to be fully educated in the understanding of how to create fully operational mobile applications for devices, how to deploy them and how to customise their applications to their own preference.

We teach children this course based on completely live projects. We find that this helps children to really open up their minds to creativity, their imagination and their learning too. This will allow kids to develop and build their mobile application, as well as letting them discover their own ideas.

We allow children to fully control their own mobile application project and we find that many of our learners who manage to pick up on this skill quickly, are able to effectively build their own apps and even start earning money in their early days in their careers.

At the British Youth International college, our Mobile App Development course for kids to really build on their creative skills and to let them learn and enjoy the power of building and creating mobile apps.