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British Your International College (BYITC) is UK’s No.1 brand for Abacus class provider for school and English programs. After our success in the UK, we are expanding our programs to the global market. Our online Abacus Supermaths and English programs are now open for school subscriptions from all around the world. 

Our School Programs

Our Online Abacus Supermaths and English programs have been designed to become successful parts of extra-curricular school activities. Our computing courses can be modified and adapted to become part of your institution’s standardized IT course. All our programs have been proven for their benefits for young students, which include:

  • Promotion of independent thinking
  • Providing fun and developing creativity
  • Equipping children with the right mindset for future

Over a million schools worldwide are already using this educational model as part of their extra-curricular activities or school curriculum.

Abacus Maths Programme For Children

Benefits of Abacus for Children

At the heart of our online Abacus Supermaths’ program is the positive impact it has one the mind and academic success of the students. Kids benefit in so many ways when they pursue our program:

  • Math makes all the sense to students with Abacus

  • Kids find confidence in doing math with the help of Abacus

  • Abacus eliminates stress on short-term memory

  • Abacus helps kids as they grow and come across new mathematical concepts

Our Online Abacus program contributes to brain and confidence development in young students. This can help enhance the overall academic performance of your students. There is an all-round impact and scope of mental development and academic performance in students.

Innovative Opportunity

This is an opportunity for schools worldwide to add innovative programs to their curriculum and extra-curricular activities. When you integrate our programs into your curriculum, you will be able to become part of a globally recognized brand. It is recommended to reach out to us and learn how your school can benefit from our unique programs that have gained global acclaim and adoption. Our Abacus Supermaths and English programs help enhance and enrich your curriculum. BYTIC best abacus class provider for school and offer maths skills & overall academics of kids. At the same time, our programs improve your students’ performance. All this contributes to your institution’s success and growth.

More About the Supermaths Academy

We are abacus class provider for school and use the Abacus tool, to help children learn the technique. The importance of brain development is vital to optimizing the growth of the human brain and its function. Through Abacus Maths and Mental Mathematics, the child gets the benefit of brain development, confidence building, mastering arithmetic, and having fun with maths.

Abacus exercises the brain to its unbelievable potential, using activities that require memory, concentration, analysis, visualization, and control. These activities encourage the brain to remember arithmetic skills.

Kids perform the mental calculations faster than traditional Maths with higher levels of accuracy. Our online learning program is unique. We have supported and dedicated online classes on a 1:1 basis every week with instructor support.

Information about our online classes can be found here, this page also have a brief explanation and videos of how the Supermaths website works:ONLINE ABACUS SUPERMATHS IS ALL SET

Course length: Depending on the age and the ability of the child – we will determine the suitability of the students during the trial class and assign him/her to the Junior track(11 levels) or the senior track (8 levels) that would be best for his/her age. More details about the length of the course will be explained during the trial class. More info about the

Teachers Training– We care a lot about teachers’ standardization training. Teachers at our Abacus Maths and English classes are trained enough to be able to offer much more in-depth tutoring and feedback to each student. BYTIC best abacus class provider for school. When it comes to the franchising or running into the schools our trained teachers will offer further training to your teachers. We will also give teachers full training on how Supermaths App works.

Our work has been recognized by various media channels, Information about our media and press appearances can be found here:

Look at the incredible performances of our kids doing mental mathematics quicker than a calculator at:

We conduct several events including Maths Challenge and summer camps every year to boost the competitive spirit within our kids.

More information at:

ABACUS Maths Challenge – Summer 2017

ABACUS Maths Challenge – Winter 2018

Information about our Maths syllabus can be found here:

Children’s Abacus Maths Classes.

English Programme For Kids

  • Language Skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Ages 5-16 [There are 11 levels which covers the following topics at different complexity levels]

  • Reading skills:

    • Pronunciation

    • Reading at an even pace

    • Comprehension of assigned texts

    • Reading fiction, non-fiction, academic texts, newspapers, journals

    • Interpreting and understanding passages and pictures

    • Vocabulary building

  • Writing skills:

    • Correct usage of vocabulary in a sentence

    • Proper grammatical constructions

    • Spellings and their rules- 24 new words each week

    • Appropriate usage of punctuation- commas, semi-colon, hyphen, apostrophe, etc.

    • Letters- Formal vs Informal

    • Essays- Academic vs Imaginative

    • Cursive writing (if required)

    • Using a thesaurus/ dictionary

  • Speaking skills:

    • Pronunciation

    • Use of phonetics to aid in identifying speech sounds (as child progresses start to use less “ah bih kih” and use “abc”).

    • Voice modulation and tone

    • Speaking at an even pace

  • Listening skills:

    • Understanding spoken speech

    • Interpreting information over spoken language

    • Understanding tone and intention in spoken language

    • Listening to understand information and responding to questions asked

  • The level of difficulty for each skill will be assigned according to the age and current linguistic capabilities of each child

  • Grammar

  • Parts of Speech:

    • Nouns

    • Pronouns

    • Verbs

    • Adjectives

    • Adverbs

    • Prepositions

    • Conjunctions

    • Interjections

  • Determiners

  • Modals and Auxiliaries

  • Phrases, Idioms, and Figures of Speech

  • Clauses and Conditionals

  • Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences

  • Active and Passive voice/ Direct and Reported Speech

  • Tenses:

    • Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present Perfect

    • Past Simple, Past Progressive, Past Perfect

    • Future Simple, Future Progressive, Future Perfect

  • Homophones, Homonyms, Homographs

  • Prefixes and Suffixes

  • Antonyms and Synonyms

  • Rhyming words

  • Compound words

  • Creative writing:

    • Speeches

    • Personal essays

    • Poetry

    • Short fiction- short stories, blog pieces, etc.

    • Wring using picture/ word/ sentence prompts

    • Speculative/ Imaginative essays

    • Academic essays

    • Structuring events for narratives

    • Short plays

Online Coding Programme For Kids

We are pleased to offer Computing Classes for 9 to 14 year-olds which run alongside the school terms, in 4 blocks of 12 Weeks each.



  • What is a computer?

  • Operating Systems

  • Files, Folders, and Paths

  • File Types

  • The PC

  • Windows Versions

  • CPUs

  • Memory Types

  • Components that make a PC


  • What is Software?

  • Downloading Software

  • Installing Software

  • Uninstalling Software

  • What can software do inside a Computer?


  • What is Hardware?

  • Examples of Hardware

  • Hardware vs Software

  • Identifying input/output Ports

The Internet

  • Browsers

  • Cookies

  • Search Engines

  • Password Security

  • Website

  • URLs

  • Downloading using the Internet

Customising the PC

  • Change Background

  • Screen Savers

  • Shortcuts

Open Office

  • Installing Open Office

  • Making a Document

  • Customizing Headings and Text

  • Alignments

  • Text Effects

Excel Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Building

  • Rows and Columns

  • Charts

  • Formulae


  • Creating a presentation

  • Animations

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Text Effects

  • Showing presentation as a slideshow

Basics of Programming

  • Different Languages

  • Variables

  • Loops

  • Decisions

  • Functions


2D Games Development

  • Download and Install program

  • What is a Game?

  • How are Games made?

  • Understand the layout

  • Actors, Backgrounds, Scenes, and Sounds

  • Testing the game created

  • Behaviors and Events

  • Peer Game Testing

Multiplayer Game

  • Adding Collectables

  • Drawing a score Board

  • Connecting to a network

  • Playing multiplayer with other kids in the classroom


Mobile Games Development

  • Download and Install program

  • Create a basic new interactive game

  • Use events and behaviors to manipulate the game

  • Make use of an Android device to control a character

  • Apply Physics to the game

  • Test Game

  • Publish the Game

Mobile Applications

  • Think of something that you could use

  • Create a useful application

  • Use mobile sensors

  • Access camera through application

  • Test application

  • Download and Share


Graphics Design

  • Download and Install program

  • Opening and setting up a document

  • Digital imaging fundamentals

  • Image size and resolution

  • Cropping and Resizing

  • Colour Adjustments

  • Don’t Recreate the Wheel

  • Develop Model/Sprite (if time permits)


  • Use Pivot Animator

  • Create Players

  • Import Sprites/Models

  • Move Players

  • Use Frames and Onion layers

  • Create motion of at least 30 Seconds

  • Interactivity with players

3D Games Development

  • Download and install program

  • Create a scene

  • Import characters

  • Add textures and layers

  • import graphics created

  • Add logic and physics to game

  • Debug

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