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Kids Summer Holidays Computing Camp – Glasgow – Week 2

It was the second week of the BYITC Kids Summer Holiday Computing Camp based at our campus in Firhill, Glasgow.

Let’s round up what the students did this week.

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Kids Summer Holiday Computing Camp Week 2


Kicking off this week was a look at a great alternative to Microsoft Office, Open Office. Apart from being open source, and therefore free compared to the paid-for Office, it is also just a very good software package and something worth getting to know. We took the students through the basics of installing Open Office, creating documents, customising headings and text, alignments and much more.

This is a good example of preparing for different outcomes and introducing the idea of multiple solutions to a single problem. It might not always be possible to use Microsoft Word or Powerpoint so showing the kids an alternative is well worth it.

That’s not to say Microsoft Office doesn’t have its place or should be ignored. In fact, most offices will want candidates who are familiar with a wide variety of software including Microsoft Excel. That is why this week we also ran through building an Excel spreadsheet, rows, columns, charts and formulae.

It wasn’t all about what you might do as an office administrator, we also introduced the students to what life might be like as a software developer. We showed them some of the different programming languages and they’re various applications. Then we discussed variables, loops, decisions and functions which are all essential to a developer.

It was a very interesting week with lots of different topics and discussions for the students to take in but they did a great job.

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