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Summer Game Development Boot Camp

Computer Games Development Summer Boot Camp

We at British Youth International college are happy to offer a three day games development boot camp for kids over the Summer holidays, for those who are looking to learn Introductory Computer Game Design and Development and making a 2D and 3D game. The children will learn about Python programming and python command line game development to create 2D games in the console, and then learn about creating 3D games using Unreal Engine 4 which is a popular game engine used to create popular console and PC games.

By the end of the three day boot camp they will have a working 2D game which they can show off to their friends and family at home. We use up to date game development tool kits including Unreal Engine 4, meaning kids, while putting coding into practice, will be able to use their imaginations and build a functional game in just three days with only beginners knowledge. We also teach kids how to create command line based games using Python such as TicTacToe.

Children will also learn programming fundamentals, which will stand them in good stead in the future, learning concepts such as variables, loops, booleans, decisions and other important programming concepts which are relevant in all computer programming languages. They will be able to use these skills to create more games in the future, maybe coming up with the next big hit!

Provisional Syllabus

  • Day 1 – Python
    • Downloading Python GUI
    • Python Basics, Variables, Data Types, Loops, If/Else, Switch/Case
    • Python based text adventure game
  • Day 2 – Python + Unreal Engine 4
    • Name and age
    • To Do List
    • TicTacToe
    • Getting started with Unreal Engine 4 – Download, Install
  • Day 3 – Unreal Engine 4
    • UE4 Basics
    • Create your first user movement in UE4
    • Create Game Environment in UE4
    • Storyboard for UE4 Game
    • Create your final UE4 game

Course Title





Games Development Boot Camp Summer Holidays 10th July – 12th
July 2017
9-13 £75
Games Development Boot Camp Summer Holidays 17th July – 19th
July 2017
9-13 £75
Games Development Boot Camp Summer Holidays 24th July – 26th
July 2017
14-16 £120
Games Development Boot Camp Summer Holidays 31st July – 2nd
August 2017
9-13 £75