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Super 10 Young Entrepreneurs: Admissions open for Sep 2018 

The British Youth International college has launched a Super 10 ENTREPRENEURS programme and hunting ONLY 10 Super Talented, highly ambitious, the most dedicated and extremely self-motivated young individuals between the ages of 11 and 14 to take part from all over the Scotland.

Young Entrepreneurs programme is an exciting opportunity for kids with a passion for computing to gain valuable knowledge of IT and digital skills experience in the sector under instruction from some of Scotland’s best instructors.

What does the programme involve?

There will be a series of step by step training, following is a list to cover few of the topics covered:

  • Training from highly qualified instructors

Our 10-super talented, young genius, participants will undergo an initial training period with highly qualified instructors, including experienced IT professionals and university lecturers.

  • An opportunity to meet with like minded young entrepreneurs

They will have an opportunity to meet with other like minded young entrepreneurs – and will have an opportunity to learn by examples.

This will provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to carry out a variety of industry recognised IT projects and assignments which will require them to work together and exchange knowledge as a team.

  • Public speaking in various national and international seminars, business meetups colleges and clubs

Participants will then be given the opportunity to share the IT and digital skills knowledge they have acquired through the programme with others by organising seminars both nationally and internationally. Super 10 young entrepreneurs programme will run their own clubs and meet ups to spread their knowledge. They will regularly deliver their knowledge in various schools with the presentations.

They will organise various digital challenges and participate in several geniuses talks to continuously think improve and implement the innovative ideas.

  • Train the PEERS

Once participants graduate from the Super 10, they will earn a certificate and will be able to pass their knowledge onto their peers by instructing the next ten participants in the programme over the years.

  • Real World projects and experience

They will start their various REAL-WORLD IT Software/Hardware/Web applications/mobile applications projects under the guidance of industry experts and soon become confident in building those projects themselves, hereby start earning at early age.

All the above stages will allow our super 10 geniuses to plan, investigate and more or less implement their ideas. 

What are the benefits of the Super 10 programme?

The Super 10 Young Entrepreneurs programme will benefit not only those who participate, but will also benefit the Scottish economy in the long term as part of the stronger focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education initiatives in recent years.These initiatives are being implemented in response to the lack of suitable graduates to fill STEM related positions at a time when employment is growing rapidly in IT and engineering positions. A 2017 report by the Scottish Government said:

“Sectors where particularly strong growth is expected include Information and communications… This strong growth in employment is expected against a backdrop where employers are already identifying recruitment difficulties and skills shortages. The UK has a shortfall of 400,000 STEM graduates every year, particularly engineering and IT professionals and 39% of employers seeking STEM skills have reported difficulties with recruitment. UKCES’s Employer Skills Survey 2013 found a skill shortage to vacancy ratio of 43% amongst Science, Research, Engineering and Technology professionals.”

Being able to display previous experience of IT and digital skills will dramatically improve an individual’s chances of being accepted to top companies to work relevant subjects. Studying the technology-related field offers a bright future to young people: the skill shortage in the IT sector means that there will be great demand for people with qualifications and knowledge in this area, and careers within STEM-related sectors are typically well-paid, with those working in the science, technology and engineering sectors earning roughly 20% more than those in other sectors. People working in STEM-related careers also benefit the economy on a larger scale by creating and improving technologies that increase productivity across all sectors.

Personality  Development

Additionally, the participants of the programme are at a stage in their lives where personal development and gaining interpersonal skills are crucial. Completion of the Super 10 programme will not only equip graduates with the IT and digital skills which are so vital in the modern workplace and in day-to-day life, but the structure of the programme will help participants to improve in the following areas:

  • Confidence building
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Creativity
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Decision making
  • innovativeness
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Time management
  • Social skills
  • Team Work

When and where will Super 10 take place?

The Super 10 programme will run for one year and three-hour meetings will be held once a week during term time with additional meetings during school holidays. The starting date for this year’s programme is 4th September, 2018. Meetings will be held at British Youth International college’s office.

Who should apply?

Anyone aged between 11 and 14 with a genuine passion for IT and digital skills can apply for the programme. However, please be aware that taking part in SUPER 10 WILL REQUIRE A CONSIDERABLE COMMITMENT OF TIME AND EFFORT AND PARTICIPANTS will be expected to closely follow the instructions given to them by their coaches.

Selected applicants will be provided with study material relating to current issues in IT which they will later be examined on. Please apply for the programme only if you are willing to dedicate yourself to completing the programme and are genuinely interested in the IT sector.

Price, Funding, Day and Time and Registration 

 Price : £1000 per month

Discount and Funding : 70% funding is provided by British Youth International college for the opening super 10 programme and ONLY £300 per month for first batch is payable. One time registration fee £25 will be payable.

Time: Every Tuesday Evening 5 to 8pm. Starting from 4th September

Please Register here to show your interest: Register

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