British Youth International College


Ngonidzashe Shana

  My son really enjoyed the lessons and would love to come back more. Thanks to everyone hope to see you soon. Ngonidzashe Shana, Computing Summer Camp 2018...

Marta Gavane

Ronak has joined classes from the beginning of the summer course. His interest in creating games is fantastic, he has developed great computer knowledge and he is great in creating various games and will attend full six weeks of the course. He loves the class a lot. Children have great time while doing the course. Definitely will recommend to friends! Marta Gavane, Computing Summer Camp 2018

Majed Al-Salman

The kids really enjoyed playing games in class. They also had fun making the games. After they came back home, they always talk about the games and how much they like them. They would even have arguments on who was the best. Thanks to everyone who participated in this because they kids really enjoyed it. Majed Al-Salman, Computing Summer Camp 2018...

Laura Towler

  Fergus has had a fabulous time at summer boot camp He has learned lots of new skills and made new friends. He is attending next week too.   Laura Towler, Computing Summer Camp 2018...

Computer Class Parents

My kids have really enjoyed the gaming and computing class. They love learning how to make games.We initially booked for one week but my kids really enjoyed it and insisted to come for further weeks. Computer Class Parents, Computing Summer Camp 2018