British Youth International College


British Youth International college are happy to announce a new class aimed at our younger learners, in weekly courses for 6 – 9 age bracket. A lot of children at this age have minimal experience with computers and we will aim to familiarise them with basic windows functionality, some beginner programming using python while giving them a fun experience.

This class will run for 12 weeks and will cover a variety of subject areas.

The start date for this class is shown below. Please contact us here, email at [email protected] or call on 0141 237 3350 if you are looking for more information or interested in booking a place.

Course Title



Intro to IT and Programming Fundamentals 12 weeks 6 – 9



Week One


  • What is a computer?

  • Windows Introduction

  • Operating Systems

Week Two

  • File Structure

  • Files, Folders and Paths

Week Three

Finding out about your PC

  • Windows Versions

  • CPU

  • RAM

Week Four

  • Hard Drives

  • Control Panel

Week Five


  • What is software?

  • File Types

  • Downloading Software

  • Installing Software

  • Uninstalling Software

Week Six


  • What is hardware?

  • Examples of Hardware

  • What is the difference between hardware and software?

  • Opening a PC

  • Identifying Hardware components

Week Seven

The Internet

  • Browsers

  • Default Browsers

  • Cookies

  • Search Engines

Week Eight

  • Password Safety

  • Websites

  • Web Addresses

  • Downloading Pictures from the Internet

Week Nine

  • Installation of Open Office

  • Open Office

  • Making a document

  • Customising Text

  • Headings and text

  • Alignment

  • Text Effects

Week Ten

  • Open Office

  • Making a presentation

  • Slide animations

  • Custom animations

  • Images

  • Titles and Text

  • Running a slideshow

Week Eleven

  • Programming Fundamentals using Python

  • Variables

  • Loops

  • Decisions

Week Twelve

  • Programming Fundamentals using Python

  • Quiz Game using Python