British Youth International College



What we do via Our programme is offer a good blend of technical knowledge earned with people skills, creativity, interactive education, team work and project based learning. The motive of this course is to teach the youths how to think rather then what to think.  It includes the following aims:

  • Change the world using technology
  • Become a better person
  • We will do better if we know better
  • Reach your full potential
  • Remove your doubts
  • Learn by mistakes
  • Support your family

Information Technology is growing throughout the Globe. The advancement of computing skills is increasing very fast. It is required in all aspects of daily life including Engineering, fashion and interior designing, science and maths.

Everyone small-medium and large business have a web presence today and people of all age seem to use mobile apps in their personal and professional life and Internet is like food and air to life. All in all in today’s world Computing skills are an essential part of everyday’s life.

We are very enthusiastic and zealous about making computing skills widespread and the youths will be our first point of contact to start using technology with positivity and motivation.