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At BYITC we offer an 4 week class teaching web development and graphic design. Kids will use HTML5, CSS and Javascript to create a basic website, and will use modern toolkits to edit and make their own graphics for their sites. They will be able to learn more programming, and have the creativity to make their own site. This course is all new for this year.

Design your website using WordPress - Part 1

Introduction to Content Management Systems (CMS) & Blogging

Using WordPress with Dreamweaver or other text editors

WP web hosting & domain names

Server Installation

Settings & Testing

Search Engine friendly clean URLs

User Access & Controls

Managing themes

Creating new posts with contents.

Manage your blog

Creating new pages with contents.

Adding audio and video

Choosing & using top 10 WordPress plugins

Adding social media to your pages and blogs

Linking with facebook business pages, facebook like and sharing

Design your website using WordPress - Part 2

Tweeter and facebook feeds etc

Adding sliders of recent posts, images, testimonials, reviews etc.

Creating child themes

Editing CSS

Creating template pages

Creating a website from a predefined theme

WordPress Widgets installation

Creating Menus

Contact form and spam killer

How to find and use resources

Learn HTML5

HTML Introduction

HTML Editors

HTML Basic

HTML Elements

HTML Attributes

HTML Headings

HTML Paragraphs

HTML Styles

HTML Formatting

HTML Quotations

HTML Computercode

HTML Comments

HTML Colors


HTML Links

HTML Images

HTML Tables

HTML Lists

HTML Blocks

HTML Classes

HTML Layout

Learn CSS


CSS3 Introduction

CSS3 Rounded Corners

CSS3 Border Images

CSS3 Backgrounds

CSS3 Colors

CSS3 Gradients

CSS3 Shadows

CSS3 Text

CSS3 Fonts

CSS3 2D Transforms

CSS3 3D Transforms

CSS3 Transitions

CSS3 Animations

CSS3 Images

CSS3 Buttons

CSS3 Pagination

CSS3 Multiple Columns

CSS3 User Interface

CSS3 Box Sizing

CSS3 Flexbox

CSS3 Media Queries

CSS3 MQ Examples

Learn Javascript

JS Tutorial


JS Introduction

JS Where To

JS Output

JS Syntax

JS Statements

JS Comments

JS Variables

JS Operators

JS Arithmetic

JS Assignment

JS Data Types

JS Functions

JS Objects

JS Scope

JS Events

JS Strings

JS String Methods

JS Numbers

JS Number Methods

JS Math

JS Dates

JS Date Formats

JS Date Methods

JS Arrays

JS Array Methods

JS Array Sort

JS Booleans

JS Comparisons

JS Conditions

JS Switch

JS Loop For

JS Loop While

JS Break

JS Type Conversion

JS RegExp

JS Errors

JS Debugging

JS Hoisting

JS Strict Mode

JS Style Guide

JS Best Practices

JS Mistakes

JS Performance

JS Reserved Words


Graphic Design

Graphic Design

• Opening and setting up a document

• Digital imaging fundamentals

• Image size and resolution

• The image size command

• Resolution standards

• Up sampling and what happens when you do

• Changing the print size

• Down sampling for print and web

• The interpolation algorithms

• Best practices

• Crop and straighten

• Extending images

• Adjusting image luminance

• Adjusting colours

• Gather logs

• Assessing an image

• Identifying a colour cast and how to correct it

• The undo and the history panel

• Selections

• Masking

• Basic retouching

• The basics of layers

• Basic brushes

• An overview of brushes and the brushes panel

• Brush size and hardness

• Brush shortcuts

• Working with colour

• The swatches panel

• Simple compositin

• Saving your work

• Saving images to psd

• Saving images to tiff

• File formats and which to use

• Best practices

• Using the save for web utility

• The colour modes explained

• Combining multiple images

• Getting to grips with text

• Managing text layers

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