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5 Reasons of Coding for Kids


In case you haven’t noticed, we recently updated dates for weekly coding classes for the 2019 schedule with new classes starting from Tuesday 8th January 2019 in Glasgow. Coding for kids is like building blocks for the future. To register your interest or request more information, please feel free to get in touch using the contact form you can find here or by calling us at 0141 946 3699

Coding for kids

If you need some convincing, or are unsure what I’m even talking about, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a handy list of just some of the reasons your kids should code.

1 – Excellent Career Oportunities


Perhaps the most important reason for choosing a career in coding is the fact that there is a talent shortage in the United Kingdom for coders and developers. This means that entry into this industry is a lot easier than others with employers and the government actively encouraging people to get involved.

There has never been a better time to learn to code with a variety of routes available. These include self learning,  private tutoring, college, university and programmes like government sponsored apprenticeships.

Most of these will require you to be around 16 or 18 so if you’re looking to get started early then the British Youth International college might be the best option. We start children as young as 6 and old as 14 on their path to coding mastery.

2 – Self Reliance, Self Confidence and Empowerment


Quite often many projects will see a coder working on their own to meet a project brief. They will have to start from nothing more than sketches or ideas in the head of the client. If you want to go further, the client might be the developer themselves so they will learn to rely on their own skills and opinion to finish a project. 

As a solo developer, you learn to work fast, efficient and to a high standard. If a project fails there’s no one else to blame. That might sound scary but it’s also an immense source of pride for coders who pull it off and before long they will be able to manage multiple clients and entire projects all at once. They will be confident in their own abilities, able to work on their own and get better higher paying jobs.

3 – Improves teamwork and collaboration


Just because a coder can learn to manage about a million things at once on their own doesn’t mean they become creatures of the night, tearing themselves away from the glow of a screen for food and water. Most projects, clients and employers will require you to work as part of a team. This means interacting with other actual people.

Shocking, i know.

Obvious benefits of basic human interaction aside, working within a web-based position, for example, will see collaboration with graphic designers, project managers and other non-technical positions. You’re always being exposed to new ideas and potential problems by seeing how the other side works. This, in turn, improves your skill set because understanding the limitations of other parts of a project will be a big boost for employers. It also improves teamwork because you will be forced to work as a team to solve problems.

4 – No learning ceiling


This might be a shock to those not in the know but there are limitless learning opportunities in coding. 

If you’re into designing and building websites then you have access to languages like:-

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Each of these languages has their own libraries and frameworks that expand and improves the capabilities of each language. So much so that the  list starts looking like a tree when you start to expand your knowledge.

  • HTML5
  • CSS
    • SASS (Framework)
    • SCSS (Framework)
    • Bootstrap (Library)
  • JavaScript
    • Angular.js (Framework)
    • React.js (Framework)
    • Vue.js (Framework)
    • jQuery (Library)

It’s actually a running joke in the community that JavaScript has so many frameworks and libraries being released you can never really be up to date. Take a look for yourself

That’s just a small slice of the technology behind the way a website looks. I haven’t even spoken about the backend or working with data where you have access to all sorts of amazing things like SQL, C+, C#, Node.js, Python and PHP.

Take your pick

I also haven’t mentioned the world of coding away from building just websites. Maybe you want to build apps for the apple app store then swift is your friend. Or you can have a crack at the open source android if you want to access the most devices.

If you happen to be an absolute maniac then you can get into the nitty gritty of programming. Learning to code in assembly or binary means  you’re probably off your rocker but whatever floats your boat. Someone has to programme nuclear power plants after all.

Not Pictured: Something that makes sense

All of the above is just some of the stuff off the top of my head. There is so much opportunity for learning and gaining new knowledge that you can just keep learning new things for as long as you wish. Not many industries can say that and even fewer can offer even a fraction of the potential for personal growth and advancement

5 – Future proofing your mind


One of the lovely side effects of coding is that you’re always aware of what’s going on in tech because most of what happens will impact your little corner of it. When a company releases new hardware or software there’s a good chance its programmed in a language you know. 

Coding is also a very online focused career so you’re always in touch with the latest developments in the field. This can often mean you teaching anyone who is non-technical about a new piece of tech. You’re also often working in a team so falling behind in knowledge can be a real pain depending on the role.


Coding, Programming, Development. Whatever the word you choose, a career in the industry can be of great benefit and value to any individual.

If you’ve read this article and haven’t gotten bored or decided your child would be better as an accountant, lawyer or leader of the free world, then please have look at the schedule for our Weekly Coding Classes starting from Tuesday 8th January 2019 based in Glasgow and see what your child could be learning if you decide to sign up.

Thank you for reading and hopefully we’ll be hearing from you soon.

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