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The 21st century is passing by at quite a fast rate and in order to ensure that the kids are in sync with the times, it has become important to teach them the basics of coding as early as possible. kids Learn coding or start your career in programming. While this facility might not be available in many towns and cities, concerned parents wanting to teach their kids coding should follow the below given simple steps:

Learn Coding

  • Choosing the language: GameMaker: Studio is indeed a great 2D Game Development software used for making 2D games. It has everything you need to take your idea from concept to finished game. With no barriers to entry and powerful functionality, GameMaker is the ultimate 2D development environment! Whereas Python, on the other hand, has a simple syntax and produces code that is readable, this makes it a great programming language for first-timers.
  • Showing the source code: Programming is not about talking concepts; it is a much more hands-on skill requiring experimentation and practice. Thus actually getting the kids to write code after having taught them the theory associated with it, is a good way to initiate them in programming and overcoming their fear of starting a new program.
  • Using fun programming initially: Games had always had great allure for kids and young coders find it highly amusing and interesting to program video games. Thus common games like Angry Birds or Mine craft etc. provide the necessary inspiration and encouragement which makes them overcome their initial hesitation. Starting with a simple game is always the best way to get young coders interested.
  • Hands-on experience: Coding can only be learnt if kids are allowed to type out their own programs and allowed to make their own mistakes. They tend to learn from them and the sense of achievement that they get when they are able to execute a program correctly provides the required excitement to continue with coding. Thus parents and teachers should refrain from touching the keyboard or the mice and allow the young kids to do the needful. In fact, each kid should be allowed to have his own computer so that he is able to have an uninterrupted session of programming.
  • Technical knowledge not required: For kids who are just being initiated to the world of coding, it is not necessary to know the hard-code technical stuff which a higher level of programming entails. They should be provided with basic knowledge which they are able to understand and then made to write and execute simple programs.

Programming is a fun exercise that most parents are now eager to initiate their kids into. With knowledge which also provides fun and enjoyment, it has become a well-loved pastime now.

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