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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

-Albert Einstein

The essence, as well as the significance of imagination, is beautifully captured in the aforementioned quote by the great Albert Einstein. The mention of imagination herein comes for a reason – imagination is the fountainhead of creative writing. To delve into the nuances of creative writing and the ways to improve  child’s creative writing skills, hang on with us and keep reading. What is creative writing? Also known as artistic writing, creative writing is a free-form style of writing that stems from the imagination, thoughts, and feelings of the writer. It may come in different forms such as poetry, prose, screenwriting, play writing, essays, songs, etc. If nurtured from an early stage, artistic writing, especially English creative writing, could change a child’s life for the better.

Improve your child’s creative writing; Here’s how

To be mastered, a skill requires time and perseverance. English creative writing too demands routine and practice. The earlier one starts in life, the better. Therefore, to boost your child’s artistic writing skills, you must train them from an early childhood stage. Here are the most effective ways to boost your child’s creativity and improve his creative writing.

  1. Reading – Reading and writing are two inseparable halves. Making your child read books regularly will let him know how stories flow and communicate, which will ultimately help him develop good creative writing skills. The more a child engrosses in reading, the better his comprehension and writing skills become.
  2. Writing a journal – To accustom your child to a writing routine, let him maintain a journal and jot down a few sentences every day – whatever he wishes to write about. If your child is initially hesitant and cannot figure out what to write about, ask him to write down his experiences of the day. By doing so, not only will the child practise writing skills, he will also find a vent for his thoughts and emotions that he experiences in his day-to-day life.
  3. Nutrition – As unexpected as it may come across, nutrition does play an important role in improving creative writing. Healthy and nutritious foods are conducive to the optimum functioning of a child’s brain – the prime requirement for creative writing.
  4. Enrol your child in a creative writing course – Choosing an effective creative writing course for your child can be the most sure-fire way to ignite his creative writing potential. A quick Google Search would present you with a lot of options. However, choosing the right course for your child would take more than just a Google Search as it needs some attention. To make sure your child land up in a course that would be highly conducive to bringing out his true potential in the field of creative writing, you need to put in some research trying to figure out the things offered in each course.
  5. Miscellaneous – To ignite your child’s creative writing engine, try the following-
  • Show him a picture and ask him to weave a story around it.
  • Narrate to him the beginning of a short story and then ask him to develop the characters and finish the story.
  • Read your child a short story and ask him to create alternative endings.

The most acclaimed name in the domain of creative writing courses

Although one can find dozens of institutions offering creative writing courses in the UK; however, some of the best institutions happen to be located in and around the areas of London and Cambridge. Offering the finest creative writing courses, London houses some of the best academies in the world. BYITC is one such renowned name in the world of academics. It has formulated some of the most unique courses for improving child’s creative writing skills. One’s pursuit of the finest creative writing courses in Cambridge can offer is bound to lead to BYITC Creative Writing course. So, if you want to enrol yourself in one of the best creative writing courses in London, get in touch with BYITC. Once you go through their course content and program structure, you will get to know why their courses feature amongst some of the topmost creative writing courses in Cambridge.

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