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Kids need to have an understanding of computers from a very young age. This just got proved when COVID-19 induced lockdown made it mandatory for classrooms to go online. But many kids did not know computers and faced some initial hick-ups.

Today the requirement is not just about knowing how to operate the computer. With projects being made and submitted online, it becomes imperative for kids in the age group of 6 to 14 years to have a thorough knowledge of Windows 10, coding, 2D animation etc.  Today there are several good websites which teach kids the nuances of computer handling online.


BYITC is one such SQA approved website that offers online courses on computer basics like:

Computer essentials: This familiarizes computer activities for kids with the concepts of hardware, software and the internet. They get to understand the physical components that make up the computer like CPU, memory, I/O devices etc., the software or the operating system that makes a computer work and the internet which connects it to a global network.

Coding essentials: Today technological advances enable coding that makes a computer work as per the requirements of the user. The possibilities of using codes are endless. So are the different ways that kids can make the computer work for them. Thus code learning is very important for kids.

Building typing skills: This is an integral part of any computer learning program. Using the mouse to point and click is easy. But understanding the positions of the alphabets of the QWERTY keyboard and using them freely can be quite difficult. Hence kids need to learn to use all their fingers to enable fast and error-free typing.

Internet safety rules: While the internet is a goldmine of information, it is also vulnerable to cyber threats and other cyber security issues. Since some of them can be quite fatal, computer activities for kids need to be educated about cyber safety thoroughly.

Kids tend to learn fast and teaching them computers from a young age makes them conversant with its usage thereby enabling them to work on their education requirements with ease. They also have innovative minds. A computer and a kid make for a great combination which enhances his mental abilities and educative performance.