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Coding is the language of computers, and it is used to create everything from websites and apps to video games and robots. In today’s digital world, coding is a valuable skill that can open up a world of career opportunities for kids.

Here are some of the benefits of joining Coding Classes at a young age:

  • Coding can help kids develop problem-solving skills. Coding teaches kids how to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable steps. This is a valuable skill that can be applied to all aspects of life, from schoolwork to the real world.
  • Coding can help kids develop creativity. Coding is a creative process that allows kids to express their ideas and build things from scratch. This can help kids develop their imagination and problem-solving skills.
  • Coding can help kids develop a competitive edge in the job market. The demand for coders is growing rapidly, and kids who learn to code at a young age will have a significant advantage in the job market.

Exploring Career Opportunities through Coding Classes:

  • Web developer: Coding class graduates can become web developers, creating and maintaining websites and web applications using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With a starting salary ranging from £30,000 to £45,000, the journey into web development promises both creativity and financial reward.
  • Software engineer: The skills acquired in coding classes prepare kids for a career as software engineers, designing, developing, and testing software applications using languages such as Java, Python, and C++. The starting salary for software engineers in the UK typically ranges from £35,000 to £55,000, reflecting the value of their expertise in the digital realm.
  • Mobile app developer: Coding class graduates can venture into mobile app development, creating and maintaining mobile apps for smartphones and tablets using languages like Java, Kotlin, and Swift. As they step into the role of a mobile app developer, they can anticipate a starting salary ranging from £30,000 to £50,000 – a testament to the demand for skilled app developers in the market.
  • Game developer: With coding skills from classes, kids can become game developers, creating and maintaining video games for consoles, computers, and mobile devices using languages like C++, C#, and Unity. The starting salary for game developers varies, but it often falls within the range of £35,000 to £60,000, reflecting the competitive and lucrative nature of the gaming industry.
  • Data scientist: Coding class graduates can pursue a career as data scientists, collecting, analysing, and interpreting large amounts of data to aid businesses in making informed decisions. They use languages like Python and R for data analysis and report creation. As data scientists, they can expect a starting salary ranging from £40,000 to £65,000, showcasing the high value placed on their expertise in the realm of data.


Investing in coding classes is a wise decision for kids of all ages. These classes not only help kids develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and a competitive edge but also open doors to a variety of exciting career opportunities. At BYITC, we offer a range of coding classes designed to be fun, engaging, and educational for kids of all ages.

If you’re keen on exploring the world of coding through BYITC’s classes, please visit our website or sign up for a free trial class. We are eager to assist your child on their journey to learning the language of the future!

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