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The first thing to note about IT apprenticeships is that they’re not for the light hearted. An apprenticeship involves hard work and study. After all you are paid to learn. You will engage and actively partake in the daily duties of an IT team.

The first steps

What are the first steps of an IT apprentice? Well, the first step is making an application. Once you have made an application and it has been reviewed and accepted by the BYITC we will begin sending your CV to appropriate roles with the employers we have an agreement with. If your application is unsuccessful for IT Apprenticeships, you can contact us for further information as to why your application was unsuccessful.

We’ve found a few potential employers

Once we’ve found a potential employer for you, we will call you in for a second interview and tell you a little more about the employer, their company and what they do. This will help us gage your interest in the specific roles. It will also give us an idea of which roles may be more suitable for you.  Another point for the interview is also for us to see what your interview skills are like so we can advise you on how to conduct yourself during a formal interview.


The next stage in an IT Apprenticeship is employment. You’ll go to interviews with the companies we’ve cherry-picked for you and fingers crossed you’ll receive an offer through us. With this your employment begins. You will be working either as part of a team or you may be a lone ranger in the IT environment you’ve chosen. Don’t worry if you are the only one doing your role. As part of your apprenticeship we run you through courses in the modules required to obtain your qualification.


Once you have completed your apprenticeship with the BYITC IT Apprenticeships programme, you will receive SQA Certification and the majority of apprentices in Scotland are offered full-time roles in their workplace once their apprenticeship is complete.  

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