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Computer Coding Boot Camp – Easter Break

The British Youth International college is hosting a Computer Coding Boot Camp this year during the Easter break from school. Does your child want to learn to make their own games? How about learn how their console games are made? This is all available during our Computer Coding Boot Camp this Easter!

Easter computing Boot Camp for kids

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Games Development 3 day Bootcamp for kids Easter Holidays 3rd, 4th, 5th April 2017 9 – 13 £75 Register
Games Development 2 day Bootcamp for teens Easter Holidays 6th & 7th April 2017 14-16 £120 Register
Games Development Boot Camp Summer Holidays 10th July – 12th July 2017 9-13 £75 Register
Games Development Boot Camp Summer Holidays 17th July – 19th July 2017 9-13 £75 Register
Games Development Boot Camp Summer Holidays 24th July – 26th July 2017 14-16 £120 Register
Games Development Boot Camp Summer Holidays 31st July – 2nd August 2017 9-13 £75 Register

What is Computer Coding?

Computer Coding or programming as its better known in the industry; is a way of telling the computer what to do. A programme (even your favourite game), is a list of instructions which tell the computer which actions to perform. The best way to describe this process is if I give you an example: I ask you to make me tea. You don’t know how to make me tea. Are you going to bring me tea? No. I write you a list of instructions on how to make me some tea. I tell you to read the list and make me tea. Do you bring me tea? Voila! You bring me tea.

Programming is very much the same, only we use algorithms and other not-so-complex methods to tell a computer to do something we want it to. These algorithms and such usually involve math, which is why programming is a great way to improve your child’s logical thinking. A kid who understands a computer program, likely understands more maths.

How is this of any use to my child?

This question is common. Why should my child learn to code? I’ll tell you this for free, if your child learns to code, and they stick with it throughout school and high school. They could be one of the UK’s top earners not even a decade after they leave school. Maybe you’re not so money motivated, perhaps happiness. Your child will have the opportunity to socialise with like-minded children in their age bracket while learning a valuable skill.

How do we know this is really the case?

Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials here, or come along and see a class for yourself. They were students at last year’s Easter Computer Coding Boot Camp.


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