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Computer Coding Classes

Why attend computer coding classes?

Computer coding classes are a great way to give your child a new hobby. Have you ever wondered why maybe your child doesn’t go out all the time, why they spend more time on the XBOX than in the Sun. It’s probably because there’s no sun in Glasgow. Is it that technology is our way of escaping the harsh realities of the world, like winter and rain? Your child can be doing something pro-active. All the while pushing themselves further in life a few years down the line. You can offer your child the chance to become a games developer. Scotland is known to produce some of the best game developers in the world. Let’s start now and improve your child’s future from day 1.

What do they learn in Computer Coding Classes?

In our classes, students are taught everything from the basics to complex computer programming which anyone of any age is perfectly capable of doing! We teach kids about:

  • data types
  • variables
  • functions
  • Loops
  • decision making statements
  • Classes
  • extensions for Python such as PyGame.

The kids will also eventually learn about Game Development, we will begin this with PyGame and then introduce Unreal Engine 4.

Why is this important?

Sparking imagination and creative expression in children is possibly one of the most empowering things you can do for them. By enrolling them in our Computer Coding Course you give them this freedom of expression. It will empower them to believe in themselves, take risks and reap the benefits later in life. It will give them the opportunity to surprise themselves and those around them.

What kind of environment is it?

We operate our computer coding classes on a strict “fun is the way” basis, we have employed professional staff who are relatable to the kids, who are understanding and effective at dealing with issues either caused in class. At the British Youth International college we have an anti-bullying policy so your child’s safety and happiness is ensured. As well as this we offer a confidential service for parents to approach our tutors if they are experiencing any issues or their children are experiencing any issues.

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